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Beirut, Lebanon - August 4, 2021. Photo: Marcus Yam / Getty Images
Beirut, Lebanon - August 4, 2021. Photo: Marcus Yam / Getty Images

Lebanon is in crisis. The currency has collapsed and 80 percent of its population is now living in poverty; the government has been unable to appoint a new president, leaving the country in a political and economic vacuum. Amidst the ongoing turmoil in Lebanon, characterized by economic collapse and political deadlock, the urgency for political reform has become increasingly paramount.

This panel discussion aims to illuminate the trajectory of Lebanon's future by convening voices that offer profound insights into the journey towards sustainable change. With a specific focus on grassroots initiatives, civil society engagement, and emerging political dynamics, the seminar aspires to delve into strategies that can reshape Lebanon's governance, foster active citizen involvement, and envision a future founded on social justice. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the challenges, opportunities, and pathways to political reform in Lebanon, guided by the experiences and perspectives of our distinguished participants.


  • Ibrahim Mneimneh, elected Member of Lebanese Parliament and a Leader of the Majmou'at 'amal (Collective Action) movement, whose election in 2022 marked a departure from traditional sectarian politics.
  • Mohamad Farida, a Lebanese Economist, who will discuss the needed economic reforms.
  • Dima El-Ayache, Activist with the Mada Network, a youth-driven initiative uniting secular clubs across Lebanese universities.

PRIO Research Associate Khaled Zaza will moderate the discussion and PRIO Research Professor Greg Reichberg will introduce the event.