Khaled Zaza

Khaled Zaza

Research Associate

Khaled Zaza is a Lebanese jurist and researcher specialized in international law and human rights (UiO). He has over 10 years' experience providing strategic and legal advice to researchers, non-governmental organisations, lawyers, professional associations, civic movements and the private sector. He is the founder of Zaza Consulting, which provides expert research and advice to international organisations carrying out projects in the MENA region, including Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Khaled's areas of expertise include refugees, minorities, terrorism, armed conflict, security, transitional justice, peacebuilding, military courts, and civil and political rights. He has organised numerous events, conferences and workshops in Norway, Germany and Lebanon on topics including education, students' rights, IHL and the abolition of torture. He is passionate about social impact, peacebuilding and education and is fluent in English, Arabic and French.

He is currently engaged in a PRIO project that examines the prospects for establishing a civil society/religious actor dialogue in Lebanon.

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