Representatives of Refugee-Led Organisation Network of Uganda (RELON) presenting at a workshop in Kampala. . Photo: RELON
Representatives of Refugee-Led Organisation Network of Uganda (RELON) presenting at a workshop in Kampala. . Photo: RELON

This event is part of the AidAccount conference. Please read more about it here. In prolonged humanitarian crises, individuals, groups, organizations, and diaspora communities play pivotal roles as humanitarian actors. They are often the first responders in emergencies and remain actively involved throughout the ensuing complex crises.

Understanding the operational methods and accountability approaches of these local and transnational actors compared to professional humanitarians is currently limited. While the professional sector typically relies on hierarchical technical and financial systems, civic humanitarians often operate within trust-based horizontal social networks and utilize social media for accountability mechanisms.

The AidAccount project has delved into how accountability is conceptualized and practiced at the intersection of civic and professional humanitarianism in protracted crises within Uganda, Somalia, and Sri Lanka.

In this lunch seminar, AidAccount researchers, together with Marangu Njogu (Windle International), Sever Dzigurski (KPSRL) and Hilde Salvesen (MFA) will explore what we now know about understandings and practices of accountability in humanitarian assistance. The speakers draw on findings from the AidAccount project as well as eye-openers from the final conference.


11:30 Doors open and light lunch

12:00 Welcome and introduction - Cindy Horst, Research Professor at PRIO

12:05 Reflections on lessons learned - Marangu Njogu, CEO of Windle International

12:15 Reflections on lessons learned - Sever Dzigurski, Head of Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform for Security and Rule of Law

12:25 Reflections on Norway's updated humanitarian strategy - Hilde Salvesen, Policy Director Humanitarian Affairs, MFA

12:35 Contributions and insights - Cathrine Brun, Professor and Deputy Director of the Center for Lebanese Studies, Danesh Jayatilaka, Chairman of the Centre for Migration Research and Development Eria Serwajja, lecturer at Makerere University, Hilde Refstie, Associate Professor at NTNU,, Mohideen Mohamed Alikhan, Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniya, Marta Bivand Erdal, Research Professor at PRIO, Emmanuel Viga, doctoral researcher at NTNU and Makerere University, and Cindy Horst, Research Professor, PRIO.

13:00 Q & A

13:30 Seminar ends