Ahmed Mohamed Musa

Ahmed Mohamed Musa

Senior Researcher

Email: ahmmus@prio.org

Mobile phone: +252634416559

Twitter: @ahmedmmusa3

Interests and experience

  • Humanitarian aid in complex crises
  • Informal institutions
  • Governance of economic hubs and corridors
  • Political economy

Ahmed M. Musa is a senior researcher taking part in PRIO's Aid Accountability Project. He is also completing postdoctoral research on diaspora humanitarianism in complex crises funded by the consultative research committee for development research (FFU), Denmark. For his postdoctoral position, Ahmed is hosted by RAKO research and communication centre in Hargeisa. RAKO also hosts Ahmed during his PRIO fieldwork. Between 2013 and 2016, Ahmed was the Somali Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention (OCVP)'s head of the Research and Data Analysis Department. Ahmed also researches the informal institutions in economic governance and economic hubs (markets, hubs and corridors). Ahmed has a wide range of publications, including journal articles, book chapters and blog posts. His recent publications include 'Revenues on the hoof: livestock trade, taxation and state-making in the Somali territories. Journal of Eastern African Studies 13(3):1-20. Ahmed is also a research fellow at the LSE's Centre for Public Authority and International Development (CPAID) and the Somali Public Agenda (SPA), and a frequent Rift Valley Institute (RVI) collaborator.

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