Journal of Peace Research

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Journal of Peace Research is an interdisciplinary and international bimonthly, covering scholarly work in peace research. It strives for a global perspective on peace and peacemaking, with particular focus on the causes of violence and conflict resolution. JPR is edited by Scott Gates (Editor), Gudrun Østby (Deputy Editor) Marianne Dahl (Deputy Editor), Bertrand Lescher-Nuland (Managing Editor), Haakon Gjerløw (Desk Editor), and Júlia Palik (Social Media Editor), in collaboration with fifteen Associate Editors.

Journal of Peace Research not only publishes critical, cutting-edge research on peace, war, and violence. It has also taken extraordinary steps to lead the establishment of scientific standards for data replication policies in the field, resulting even in a published agreement with other journals to follow​ emerging best practices. Across a range of interdisciplinary areas, JPR seems to be as widely followed as it is closely read.
​​​Gary King, Harvard University


Thursday, 28 Jan 2021

The Journal of Peace Research has just published a new special issue on ‘Security implications of climate change’ (January 2021), guest edited by Nina von Uexkull and Halvard Buhaug. The special issue contains 12 original research articles and viewpoint essays, supplemented by an introductory article by the guest editors that presents a review the state of the art. This is the second time JPR dedicates a special issue to climate change and conflict; the first time was in 2012, edited by Nils Petter Gleditsch. The new issue represents the most up-to-date collection of studies on the subject. Several articles, including the introduction, are available as open access.

Read the special issue here.

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