ISSN 2194-3125/2194-3133, ISBN 978-3-319-13849-7/978-3-319-13850-3

Peter Wallensteen

Uppsala University & University of Notre Dame

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The energetic Hans Günter Brauch has launched a new major publishing enterprise, Pioneers in Science and Practice. The most recent addition to the series is a volume on Bruce Russett, edited by his close collaborator Harvey Starr. An informative essay by Starr on Russett's evolution as a scholar is followed by a list of publications and a selection of five of Russett's major journal articles. The text is broken up by photos, many of them from Russett's personal collection. This makes the volume a stimulating mixture of personal and scholarly developments. It devotes space, of course, to the studies of 'democratic' and 'Kantian' peace, notions that now are strongly associated with Russett, as is his use of advanced statistical methods. In addition, Starr points to the early influence of Karl Deutsch and the idea that interaction generates a community. These are issues that Russett continuously returns to during his career. Starr also emphasizes the normative aspects in Russett's motivation for research, as seen in the included article on ethical dilemmas in nuclear deterrence. Russett's work for the US Catholic Bishops on their pastoral letter on nuclear weapons in 1983 may be his strongest, direct impact on policy at a crucial time. His important work as editor of Journal of Conflict Resolution for nearly four decades gets less attention, although he obviously exercised a strong influence on the direction of conflict scholarship. Still, this volume, as well as several others in this series on research pioneers, will become standard for those interested in how this field of inquiry emerged.