ISBN: 978-1-5017-6840-8

Jørgen Jensehaugen


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One of the most difficult things to grapple with for policymakers working on Israel/Palestine is the fact that the two-state solution is no longer feasible, yet there is no clear realistic alternative. Rather than face the reality of the two-state solution’s demise, therefore, diplomats and policymakers soldier on as if it is still alive, albeit unwell. While the authors of this volume make no pretense of coming up with a clear path forward, they collectively suggest that the only way to find such a way to move forward in any meaningful way is to first face the blatant fact: Israel/Palestine is today a one state reality. Arguments abound as to whether one should call Israel an apartheid state, a settler colonial state or a perpetually occupying state, they all point to the need for an analytical reckoning. Without such a shift, this collection of articles argues, there is no possibility for positive change quite simply because one needs to correctly diagnose the problem before finding an apt solution. The edited volume contains contributions from some of the brightest minds dealing with Israel/Palestine. The editors have cleverly structured the book in such a fashion that it contains articles collected according to sub-themes. These include one section debating how to characterize the Palestinian-Israeli reality; one section dealing with the key drivers of change/stability; one section on changing attitudes; and lastly one section on policy options going forward. The book is a must read because it tackles the core conundrum head on and is thereby a necessary starting point for what many will consider a very uncomfortable thought process.