ISBN: 978-0-7456-8676-9

Kai Chen

School of International Relations, Xiamen University, China

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The Contemporary Conflict Resolution Reader is a readable and informative textbook. It collects 73 thought-provoking essays, which represent conflict resolution in various contexts. This wide-ranging volume features three parts. Part I, ‘Foundations’ (chapters 1–13) overviews the dynamics of conflict and peace studies. In Part II, ‘Conflict Theories and Analysis’ (chapters 14–28), the contributors focus on the perspectives and approaches in the literature of conflict resolution. The following pages are divided into three parts, that is, Part III, ‘Conflict Prevention and Non-Violence’ (chapters 29–38), Part IV, ‘Mediation, Negotiation and Reconciliation’ (chapters 39–56), and Part V, ‘Peacebuilding’ (chapters 57–65). The editors and contributors to the edited volume show readers different aspects of conflict resolution, that is, ‘reflective pieces’, ‘guides to practice’, and ‘case studies’. The final part (chapters 66–73) stresses the potential challenges and directions of research in the foreseeable future. The Contemporary Conflict Resolution Reader is a great read, which will be well received by the breadth of coverage. This edited volume succeeds in providing an overview for the literature and invaluable perspective of conflict resolution studies. It should be added to the recommended reading list for undergraduate and graduate students of international security and conflict resolution. It is also recommended for anyone who seeks to gain a better understanding of the conflicts around the world.