PRIO invites applications for a full-time position for 16 months for a highly competent researcher in support of PRIO’s EU project portfolio in security research. The successful candidate will join PRIO’s security research team and carry out research on the intersections of security and finance with a particular focus on societal security. The researcher will work on the project ”SOURCE – Virtual centre of excellence for research support and coordination of societal security”. Security research at PRIO seeks to contribute to innovation in Norwegian and European security thinking by fostering synergies between research in the human and social sciences and technological innovation.

Among the relevant tasks of the position are:

  • Lead research and research organisation for the work package Societal security of financial systems;
  • Communication and liaison with the European Commission and other project partners;
  • Timely delivery of project deliverables and milestone reports to the funder;
  • Coordination of dissemination and communication activities towards a wide set of stakeholders and users;
  • Technical and research assistance to the project leader;
  • Identification of potential project partners and maintenance developing networks;
  • Facilitation and organisation of internal and external workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings;
  • Representation of PRIO in external project conferences, meetings, workshops etc. in a professional manner.

Applicants are required to possess the following general and specific qualifications:

  • PhD in relevant subject area
  • Strong analytical research skills
  • Appropriate list of relevant publications, commensurate with the stage of their career
  • Thorough knowledge of critical security studies, in particular the literature on risk and uncertainty
  • Be familiar with the concept of societal security
  • General technical understanding of the major risk models of modern finance theory, such as the Capital Asset Pricing Model, Value at Risk etc.
  • Substantial grasp of monetary economics and policy, financial stability and theories of money
  • Be familiar with current debates about central banking and regulatory reform in collateral-based finance
  • Theoretical understanding of multiple intersections of security and finance such as financial surveillance
  • Interdisciplinary skills

In addition, the following qualities are desirable:

  • Familiarity with the history of economic thought and critical literature on finance (social studies of finance, economic sociology)
  • Experience in international project collaboration, report writing and research management
  • Experience in network-building and project development
  • Mastery of several European languages.

PRIO is a leading institution in peace research, founded in 1959. Today it is an independent, international and interdisciplinary research institute with a budget of approximately NOK 113 million and 100 staff members. PRIO owns and edits two international peer-reviewed journals (Journal of Peace Research and Security Dialogue). Research at PRIO takes place within fifteen research groups: Cities and Populations, Civilians in Conflict, Conflict Trends, Environment, Gender, Governance, Humanitarianism, Law and Ethics, Media, Migration, Non-state Conflict Actors, Peacebuilding, Regions and Powers, Religion, and Security. The institute is located in attractive premises in central Oslo. PRIO values staff diversity. For more information about the institute, see

PRIO offers salary according to qualifications, Group Life insurance and membership in Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

How to apply:
Applications for the position are to be submitted by way of an Application Form. Before you start filling in the form, make sure you have the following necessary information and documents ready:
Information provided directly in the online form:

  1. Contact details: name, email, address, phone number
  2. Personal information: current position, citizenship, gender, date-of-birth, languages
  3. PhD details, or other equivalent academic qualifications
  4. References: name and contact details of two or more references

Attachments – to be uploaded to the online form as PDFs:

  1. Cover letter: should include an account of your qualifications, academic merits, relevant competence and other requirements for the position as described above
  2. CV: in English, including a list of publications
  3. Copy of certification of university degrees
  4. Published article or writing sample

For further information please contact Prof. J. Peter Burgess (, tel. +47 225 47 738. For further information about the recruitment process or the submission of your application please contact Cathrine Bye (, tel. +47 225 47 715. More detailed information is available at

Deadline for applications is 14 February 2014.