Tamar Groves left PRIO in 2018. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Tamar Groves

Visiting Researcher


Wednesday, 3 Apr 2019

Research in contexts of war often focuses on violence or studies how people cope during and after war and displacement. We know far less about the many small and large acts of resistance to dehumanizing trends of exclusion and abuse in times of war and oppression. What are defining moments when people’s political agency is awakened? Why do individuals engage in acts of empathy, care and protection towards others? When and how do individuals mobilize larger non-violent collective movements and what changes have occurred in such mobilizations as a consequence of technological developments? How do professionals inspire social justice activism during or after war and oppression? And what role do education and art play in these processes? We aim to debate these and other questions in an academic workshop that brings together scholars with a wide background of disciplines, methodological approaches, geographical interests and thematic expertise.​​

Tamar Groves is an external associate. Read her profile here
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