Ilaria Carrozza: Bibliography

24 publications

Marie Sandnes & Ilaria Carrozza (2023)
Winds of Change? The Impact of Non-Western Powers’ Engagement in Afghanistan and the Sahel

PRIO Paper

Nicholas Marsh, Giacomo Bruni & Ilaria Carrozza (2023)
Shaping the Digital Architecture: Contested Norms on Digital Technology in Southeast Asia

PRIO Policy Brief

Ilaria Carrozza & Pavel K. Baev (2023)
How Does the China-Russia Partnership Impact Security Dynamics in East Asia?

PRIO Policy Brief

Ilaria Carrozza & Lina Benabdallah (2022)
South–South Knowledge Production and Hegemony: Searching for Africa in Chinese Theories of IR

Journal article in International Studies Review

Ilaria Carrozza, Nicholas Marsh & Gregory M. Reichberg (2022)
Dual-Use AI Technology in China, the US and the EU: Strategic Implications for the Balance of Power

PRIO Paper

Ilaria Carrozza & Nicholas Marsh (2022)
Great Power Competition and China’s Security Assistance to Africa: Arms, Training, and Influence

Journal article in Journal of Global Security Studies

Ilaria Carrozza & Marie Sandnes (2022)
China’s Engagement in West Africa: The Cases of Ghana and Senegal

PRIO Policy Brief

Ilaria Carrozza & Marie Sandnes (2021)
Studying Diversity in European Academia: Transparency and Access to Syllabi on African Politics, Peace and Conflict

PRIO Policy Brief

Ilaria Carrozza (2021)
Legitimizing China's Growing Engagement in African Security: Change within Continuity of Official Discourse

Journal article in The China Quarterly

Marte Nilsen et al. (2021)
China in Myanmar: Complex Engagements, Complicated Relations

PRIO Policy Brief

Ilaria Carrozza & Henrik Buljo Anstorp (2021)
Kommer Kina til å gjenoppbygge Afghanistan, Irak og Syria?

Popular article in Aftenposten

Ilaria Carrozza & Henrik Buljo Anstorp (2021)
Protecting Interests in Highly Volatile Countries: China’s Engagement in Iraq and Syria

PRIO Policy Brief

Julio Amador III et al. (2021)
An Appraisal of Philippines-China Security Relations under the Duterte Administration (2016–2020)

PRIO Paper

Nicholas Marsh & Ilaria Carrozza (2021)
Human Rights Violations and the Security Forces in Mali and Niger

PRIO Policy Brief

Ilaria Carrozza (2020)
The Global South in Times of Crisis: A China–Africa Relations View

Popular article in E-International Relations

Ilaria Carrozza (2020)
The individual, the national, and the global: New connections in times of China-US confrontation

Popular article in PRIO Blog

Ilaria Carrozza (2020)
Training Armed Forces in Africa: No Such Thing as a New Cold War

Popular article in Corriere dell'Italianità

Ilaria Carrozza et al. (2019)
How Should Europe Handle Relations with China? A ChinaFile Conversation

Popular article in ChinaFile

Ilaria Carrozza (2019)
China’s Multilateral Diplomacy in Africa: Constructing the Security-Development Nexus

Book chapter in New Perspectives on China’s Relations with the World

Øystein H. Rolandsen, Ilaria Carrozza & Nicholas Marsh (2019)
Small States’ Security Force Assistance in the Sahel: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges

PRIO Policy Brief

Ilaria Carrozza (2018)
Talking the China talk: China’s Africa discourse goes global

Popular article in Asia Dialogue

Ilaria Carrozza (2018)
China’s African Union diplomacy: challenges and prospects for the future

Policy Brief Series

Ilaria Carrozza, Ida Danewid & Evelyn Pauls (2017)
Introduction: Racialized Realities in World Politics

Journal article in Millennium: Journal of International Studies

Ilaria Carrozza (2015)
Climate Finance in the Asia-Pacific Region: Trends and Innovative Approaches

Journal article in Asia-Pacific Development Journal

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