Henrik Urdal: Bibliography

126 publications

Nils Petter Gleditsch et al. (2023)
Introduction: Patterns of Armed Conflict since 1945

Book chapter in What Do We Know about Civil Wars? Second edition

Gudrun Østby et al. (2022)
What happens to childhood vaccine rates in conflict zones? This analysis found some surprises

Popular article in Monkey Cage at The Washington Post

Henrik Urdal (2022)
Introduction to Lives in Peace Research: The Oslo Stories

Book chapter in Lives in Peace Research: The Oslo Stories

Henrik Urdal (2022)
Inspiration from a Father: Johan Galtung

Book chapter in Lives in Peace Research: The Oslo Stories

Henry Thomson et al. (2022)
Urban Social Disorder 3.0: A global, city-level event dataset of political mobilization and disorder

Journal article in Journal of Peace Research

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Journal Open Access and Plan S: Solving Problems or Shifting Burdens?

Journal article in Development and Change

Henry Thomson et al. (2021)
Group organization, elections and urban political mobilization in the developing world

Journal article in Democratization

Henrik Urdal & David J. Allen (2021)
Plan S er her – men flere problemer forblir uløste

Popular article in Khrono

Gudrun Østby et al. (2021)
Public Health and Armed Conflict: Immunization in Times of Systemic Disruptions

Journal article in Population and Development Review

Henrik Urdal & Ida Rødningen (2021)
Global helse og sikkerhet – en oversikt over kunnskapsgrunnlaget

Journal article in Internasjonal politikk

Ismene Gizelis, Steve Pickering & Henrik Urdal (2021)
Conflict on the urban fringe: Urbanization, environmental stress, and urban unrest in Africa

Journal article in Political Geography

Nicolás Corona Juárez, Henrik Urdal & Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati (2020)
The significance of age structure, education, and youth unemployment for explaining subnational variation in violent youth crime in Mexico

Journal article in Conflict Management and Peace Science

Xun Cao et al. (2020)
Drought, local public goods, and inter-communal conflicts: Testing the mediating effects of public service provisions

Journal article in Defence and Peace Economics

Bintu Zahara Sakor & Henrik Urdal (2020)
Population and Security Challenges in the Sahel

UNFPA Policy Brief

Bintu Zahara Sakor & Henrik Urdal (2020)
Demographic Change, Insecurity and Human Capital in the Sahel

UNFPA Policy Brief

Philippa Druce et al. (2019)
Approaches to protect and maintain health care services in armed conflict – meeting SDGs 3 and 16

Journal article in Conflict and Health

Håvard Strand et al. (2019)
Trends in Armed Conflict, 1946–2018

Conflict Trends

Primus Che Chi & Henrik Urdal (2018)
The Evolving Role of Traditional Birth Attendants in Maternal Health in Post-Conflict Africa: A Qualitative Study of Burundi and Northern Uganda

Journal article in SAGE Open Medicine

Andreas Kotsadam et al. (2018)
Development aid and infant mortality. Micro-level evidence from Nigeria

Journal article in World Development

Andreas Kotsadam et al. (2018)
Does Aid Reduce Infant Mortality? Local-Level Evidence from Nigeria

Conflict Trends

Karim Bahgat, Halvard Buhaug & Henrik Urdal (2018)
Urban Social Disorder: An Update

PRIO Paper

Gudrun Østby et al. (2018)
Organized Violence and Institutional Child Delivery: Micro-Level Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa, 1989–2014

Journal article in Demography

Gudrun Østby et al. (2018)
How Does Organized Violence Affect the Chances of Giving Birth at a Health Facility?

Conflict Trends

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Political Exclusion, Group Inequality and Aid Distribution

Conflict Trends

Solveig Hillesund et al. (2018)
Horizontal inequality and armed conflict: a comprehensive literature review

Journal article in Canadian Journal of Development Studies

Gudrun Østby, Henrik Urdal & Kendra Dupuy (2018)
Does Education Lead to Pacification? A Systematic Review of Statistical Studies on Education and Political Violence

Journal article in Review of Educational Research

Håvard Strand, Henrik Urdal & Isabelle Côté (2018)
Ethnic Census-Taking, Instability, and Armed Conflict

Book chapter in People Changing Places: New Perspectives on Demography, Migration, Conflict, and the State

Karim Bahgat et al. (2017)
Inequality and Armed Conflict: Evidence and Data
Karim Bahgat et al. (2017)
Inequality and Armed Conflict: Evidence and Policy Recommendations

Conflict Trends

Kendra Dupuy et al. (2017)
Trends in Armed Conflict, 1946–2016

Conflict Trends

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