Gregory M. Reichberg: Bibliography

100 publications

August Cole et al. (2024)
Artificial Intelligence in Military Planning and Operations

PRIO Paper

Gregory M. Reichberg (2024)
Risks of Weaponry Integrated with Artificial Intelligence

Journal article in Existenz

Gregory M. Reichberg & Kaushik Roy (2024)
Artificial Intelligence and the Indian Armed Forces

PRIO Paper

Kaushik Roy & Gregory M. Reichberg (2024)
Artificial Intelligence and Pakistan’s National Security

PRIO Paper

Gregory M. Reichberg (2024)
The Doctrinal Status of Just War in the Contemporary Teaching of the Catholic Magisterium

Journal article in Studies in Christian Ethics

Gregory M. Reichberg & Henrik Syse (2024)
Ethical analysis of AI-based systems for military use

Book chapter in Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and the Future of Warfare

Gregory M. Reichberg et al. (2023)
AI in Cyber Operations: Ethical and Legal Considerations for End-users

Book chapter in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity: Theory and Applications

Gregory M. Reichberg (2023)
From the Nuclear Family to the Family of Nations: Exploring the Analogy

Book chapter in The Proceedings of the 23rd Plenary Session – The Family as Relational Good: The Challenge of Love

Gregory M. Reichberg (2023)
Graham Parsons & Mark Wilson, eds (2023) How to End a War. Essays on Justice, Peace, and Repair

Book review in JPR Book Notes

Ilaria Carrozza, Nicholas Marsh & Gregory M. Reichberg (2022)
Dual-Use AI Technology in China, the US and the EU: Strategic Implications for the Balance of Power

PRIO Paper

Gregory M. Reichberg & Eric Stollenwerk (2022)
Trust and Fairness: Ethical Dilemmas in the Iran Nuclear (JCPOA) Negotiations

FAIR Case Brief

Gregory M. Reichberg (2022)
Note doctrinale sur la guerre juste. À propos de Fratelli tutti

Journal article in La Revue Thomiste

Gregory M. Reichberg (2022)
Human Fraternity in Cyberspace: Ethical Reflections on the Challenges and Opportunities


Joachim von Braun et al., eds, (2021)
Robotics, AI, and Humanity: Science, Ethics, and Policy

Edited volume

Gregory M. Reichberg & Henrik Syse (2021)
Applying AI on the Battlefield: The Ethical Debates

Book chapter in Robotics, AI, and Humanity: Science, Ethics, and Policy

Gregory M. Reichberg (2020)
Human Nature, Peace, and War

Book chapter in A Cultural History of Peace in the Medieval Age, 800-1450

Gregory M. Reichberg (2020)
Scholastic Arguments for and against Religious Freedom

Journal article in The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review

Gregory M. Reichberg & Henrik Syse (2019)
Large-Scale Investment Management: The Peace Potential of a Sovereign Wealth Fund

Book chapter in Business, Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development

Gregory M. Reichberg (2019)
Prudential War in the Utopia

Book chapter in Thomas More’s Utopia, 500 Years On… and Counting

Gregory M. Reichberg (2019)
Restrictive versus Permissive Double Effect: Interpreting Aquinas

Journal article in Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association

Gregory M. Reichberg (2019)
Thomas Aquinas on Battlefield Martyrdom

Book chapter in Chivalrous Combatants? The Meaning of Military Virtue Past and Present

Gregory M. Reichberg (2018)
Journet on the Impossibility of Christian Holy War

Journal article in Nova et Vetera

Gregory M. Reichberg & Henrik Syse (2018)
Threats and Coercive Diplomacy: An Ethical Analysis

Journal article in Ethics and International Affairs

Gregory M. Reichberg (2018)
Reframing the Catholic Understanding of Just War

Journal article in Journal of Religious Ethics

Gregory M. Reichberg (2017)
Thomas Aquinas on War and Peace


Gregory M. Reichberg (2017)
Jacques Maritain: Christian Theorist of Non-Violence and Just War

Journal article in Journal of Military Ethics

Gregory M. Reichberg (2017)
Jacques Maritain, Spain, and Holy War

Book chapter in Engaging the Times: The Witness of Thomism

Gregory M. Reichberg (2016)
Jacques Maritain, l'Espagne, et la guerre sainte

Journal article in Revue thomiste

Gregory M. Reichberg (2016)
Historiography of Just War Theory

Book chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Ethics of War

Gregory M. Reichberg (2015)
The Decision to Use Military Force in Classical Just War Thinking

Book chapter in The Ashgate Research Companion to Military Ethics

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