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Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019
Project Funded: e-Topia: China, India and Biometric Borders

​How is e-governance and the Internet of Things (IoT) changing the everyday lives of the people of India and China, and how are these multifaceted changes affecting international relations?

Congratulations to Åshild Kolås, who will lead the project e-Topia: China, India and Biometric Borders, which has now received 4-year funding from the Foreign Policy programme of the Research Council of Norway. Congratulations also to project participant Mareile Kaufmann, as well as partners in Asia; Centre for Internet and Society, Omeo Kumar Das Institute of Social Change and Development, Hezhou University and Digital Asia Hub.

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019
Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Ethics Project Now Funded

Congratulations to Greg Reichberg on funding from the SAMKUL call of the Research Council of Norway for a four-year project: Warring with Machines: Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence and the Relevance of Virtue Ethics. The PRIO team also consists of Henrik Syse and Mareile Kaufmann, and in addition a full-time PhD researcher.

Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018
Norway After July 22, 2011

This new book is published nearly seven years after the dramatic and brutal terrorist attacks in the Government Quarters and on the island of Utøya on July 22, 2011. 
  • How have we managed in the intervening years? 
  • What values have been important? 
  • Have we been able to preserve the ideals of democracy, openness and humanity? 
  • And who, exactly, is this "we" that we are talking about?

Friday, 20 Apr 2018
Call for Papers

Call for papers for the NordSTEVA conference on 10-11 December 2018. 

Friday, 18 Aug 2017
New book by Mareile Kaufmann

Routledge has recently published a new book by PRIO Researcher Mareile Kaufmann on societal resilience. 

Friday, 16 Sep 2016
“The Good Drone”: New edited volume out, by Sandvik and Jumbert

​A new volume, The Good Drone, has just been published with Routledge, edited by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (Associate Professor at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law at the University of Oslo and Research Professor at PRIO) and Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (Director, Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies​ and Research Director at PRIO).

In addition to contributions by Sandvik and Jumbert, it includes chapters by Susanne Krasmann (University of Hamburg); John Karlsrud (NUPI) and Fredrik Rosén (Danish Institute for International Studies); Kristoffer Lidén (PRIO); Brad Bolman (Harvard University); Serge Wich (Liverpool John Moores University), Lian Pin Koh (University of Adelaide) and Lorna Scott (freelancer); and Mareile Kaufmann (UiO/PRIO).

Thursday, 28 Jan 2016
Successful Doctoral Defence by Mareile Kaufmann

​​Today, Thursday 28 January, Mareile Kaufmann has successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the University of Hamburg: Resilience - Governance and in/security in interconnected societies.

Friday, 15 Jan 2016
Call for Applications: PhD Course on Societal Security

​The Research School on Peace and Conflict invites applications for the course Societal security in Europe – a reassessment, 29 February – 2 March 2016. The deadline for applications is 20 January 2016.

Monday, 7 Jul 2014
PRIO awarded funding for a Nordic Centre of Excellence

​​The NordForsk board has decided to award one of the two new Nordic Centres of Excellence under the Nordic Societal Security Programme to PRIO. NOK 22 million have been allocated to the centre to be headed by J. Peter Burgess from the Dimensions of Security department at PRIO.

Wednesday, 18 Jun 2014
DRIVER Project Successfully Launched

​The European Union's new demonstration project, DRIVER (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience) was successfully launched in May 2014. This project, gathering the expertise of 37 organisations, will jointly develop solutions for improved crisis management. A distributed pan-European test-bed will be built for experimentation and testing and the most useful new tools will be collected in a comprehensive Crisis Management portfolio at the end of the project. Building upon the findings of previous research projects, DRIVER's ultimate goal is to enhance European resilience in the face of crisis situations and ascertain sustainable innovation in Crisis Management also after the end of the project.

Wednesday, 19 Feb 2014
Call for Review Articles

Security Dialogue invites proposals for review articles that aim to inspire academic debate on specific themes, issues or topics through a solid summary, evaluation and discussion of diverse sources that speak to each other and to the author’s own work. As such, review articles function as ‘conversation pieces’: the selected theme and sources provoke discussion or should be introduced in a dialogue about security research because of their striking or unusual quality.

Monday, 2 Dec 2013
Communicating Risk in the Digital Age

​​​How does the digitalization of communication impact the way we understand, communicate and act upon risk?  How will the integration of digital technologies into our everyday life transform risk communication? Will risk management be enhanced or challenged by new public awareness of risk emerging through new technologies of communication? A team based in the Security Research Group will explore these questions through DIGICOM, a project newly funded by the Research Council of Norway's Societal Security program.  

Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013
Improving rescue operations: eyes on the ground or eye in the sky?

Should drones be used in search and rescue operations, or are the eyes on the ground better suited for this task? On 7 March 2013 a group of diverse experts came together in order to discuss opportunities and challenges of the use of drones for search and rescue operations in Norway. The workshop was hosted by the Peace Research Institute Oslo and the Norwegian Board of Technology.

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013
Drones for Search and Rescue Operations?

Should drones be used in search and rescue operations in Norway, or are ‘eyes on the ground’ better suited for this task? In a joint workshop the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, the Norwegian Board of Technology and the Red Cross Norway assess the opportunities and challenges related to new technologies and methods in search and rescue operations.

Saturday, 1 Dec 2012
Security Dialogue Special Issue on Resilience

​​​​Please find Call for Abstracts-document (pdf) under Related files in left column.

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