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Wednesday, 22 Apr 2015 12:00–14:00 UTC+02
The Greatest Threat to World Peace
Friday, 6 Mar 2015 09:00–10:30 UTC+01
The Hidden Role of Nuclear Weapons in Today’s Security Environment
Tuesday, 3 Mar 2015 08:30–10:00 UTC+01
After Ebola?
Thursday, 11 Dec 2014 08:30–16:00 UTC+01
Humanitarian Innovation
8–12 Dec 2014
PhD Course on Methods in Critical Security Studies
Wednesday, 3 Dec 2014 09:00–17:00 UTC+01
Reframing Urban Violence in Latin-America
28–30 Oct 2014
PhD Course: Humanitarian Action and the Protection of Civilians
Thursday, 23 Oct 2014 14:00–16:00 UTC+02
The International Politics of Human Rights and the Responsibility to Protect
Thursday, 9 Oct 2014 11:00–14:00 UTC+02
Beyond the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: What now for Israel and Palestine?
Tuesday, 7 Oct 2014 08:30–10:00 UTC+02
Ebola: A Humanitarian Crisis or a Crisis of Humanitarian Governance?
Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014 10:00–12:00 UTC+02
Human Rights and Drones
Monday, 22 Sep 2014 12:15–13:45 UTC+02
The Humanitarian Triad
Wednesday, 5 Mar 2014 08:30–10:00 UTC+01
Key Pointers for Evidence-Based Humanitarian Action: Lessons from Syria, Chad and Uganda
Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014 08:30–10:00 UTC+01
The Rise and Decline of a Global Security Actor: UNHCR, Refugee Protection and Security
Tuesday, 4 Feb 2014 12:00–16:00 UTC+01
The Road Towards Colombian Peace: Field-Based Perspectives
Tuesday, 4 Feb 2014 08:30–10:00 UTC+01
Colombia: Ending the War - Ending the War on Drugs?
Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014 08:30–10:00 UTC+01
Killer Robots at the UN
Friday, 29 Nov 2013 09:00–12:00 UTC+01
New Humanitarian Technology: Humanitarians and Cyberspace
Thursday, 28 November 2013
Critical Approaches to Humanitarian Technology: Accountability, Decision-Making and New Actors
14–18 Oct 2013
PhD Course: Research Methods in Critical Security Studies
Thursday, 7 Mar 2013 10:00–16:00 UTC+01
Drones for Search and Rescue Operations?

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