Ben Hayes

Ben Hayes

Senior Researcher

Hayes is a researcher in the PRIO led project Do No Harm: Ethical humanitarian innovation and digital bodies in a limited capacity. He was formerly member of the PRIO led work package on Ethics, Law and Human Rights in the EU funded Societal Security Network (SOURCE).

Main position as Strategy Director at AWO Agency. Has previously worked for the civil liberties organisation Statewatch since 1996, specialising in EU Justice and Home Affairs policy, inter/national security and policing. Is also a Fellow of the Transnational Institute and has worked with many other organisations including the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights, the Open Society Foundation, the Heinrich Boll Foundation, the European Parliament and European Commission. Has published widely in two main areas:

  1. the impact of counter-terrorism, surveillance and border control policies on human rights, civil society and international development,
  2. the influence and activities of the defence and security industries on democratic governance.

PhD from Magee College (Derry/Londonderry) awarded by the University of Ulster in 2008.

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