The Sudan- Perspectives on the Peace Agreement, Gender and Society

Book chapter

Ali, Samia; Leif O. Manger; Øystein H. Rolandsen & Endre Stiansen (2005) The Sudan- Perspectives on the Peace Agreement, Gender and Society, in Nordic Africa Institute Research Forum.

The Sudan has been in the limelight for several reasons during the past year. The humanitarian crisis in the Dar Fur region has been followed by the more anticipating news from the southern part of the country. The singing on the 9th January of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) marked the end of the longest civil war in Africa. At the same time the ceremony signalled the opening of a new chapter in the history of the Sudan. The Peace Agreement establishes principles for power sharing and wealth sharing between the central government in Khartoum and sub-national entities such as the Government of Southern Sudan. However, the Peace Agreement does not change anything before it is implemented, and the current crisis in Dar Fur is only one example of persistent conflicts. With this Research Forum, NAI wishes to highlight the current development in the Sudan. Topics that will be addressed include the peace agreement as a platform for a new political disposition in the Sudan and the problems of implementation. What challenges and opportunities will the Peace Agreement offer civil society in a democratic Sudan? Special attention will be given to the situation of the women of the Sudan.

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