Michael Colaresi

Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Michael Colaresi is an External Associate at PRIO.


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Hegre, Håvard; Marie Allansson; Matthias Basedau; Michael Colaresi; Mihai Croicu; Hanne Fjelde; Frederick Hoyles; Lisa Hultman; Stina Högbladh; Remco Jansen; Naima Mouhleb; Sayyed Auwn Muhammad; Desirée Nilsson; Håvard Mokleiv Nygård; Gudlaug Olafsdottir; Kristina Petrova; David Randahl; Espen Geelmuyden Rød; Gerald Schneider; Nina von Uexkull & Jonas Vestby (2019) ViEWS: A political Violence Early-Warning System, Journal of Peace Research 56(2): 155–174.
Monroe, Burt; Michael Colaresi & Kevin Quinn (2008) Fightin' Words: Lexical Feature Selection and Evaluation for Identifying the Content of Political Conflict, Political Analysis 16(4): 372–403.
Brandt, Patrick; Michael Colaresi & John R. Freeman (2008) The Dynamics of Reciprocity, Accountability, and Credibility, Journal of Conflict Resolution 52(3): 343–374.
Colaresi, Michael & Sabine C. Carey (2008) To Kill or To Protect: Security Forces, Domestic Institutions and Genocide, Journal of Conflict Resolution 52(1): 39–67.
Colaresi, Michael & Sabine C. Carey (2008) To Kill or to Protect: Security Forces, Domestic Institutions, and Genocide, Journal of Conflict Resolution 52(1): 39–67.
Colaresi, Michael (2007) The Benefit of the Doubt: Testing an Informational Theory of the Rally Effect, International Organization 61(1): 99–143.
Colaresi, Michael; & Thompson, William R. (2005) Alliances, Arms Buildups and Recurrent Conflict: Testing a Steps-to-War Model , Journal of Politics 67(2): 345–364.
Colaresi, Michael & William R. Thompson (2002) Strategic Rivalries, Protracted Conflict, and Crisis Escalation, Journal of Peace Research 39(3): 263–287.


Colaresi, Michael; Karen Rasler & William R. Thompson (2008) Strategic Rivalries in World Politics: Position, Space and Conflict Escalation. New York: Cambridge University Press.
Colaresi, Michael (2005) Scare Tactics. The Politics of International Rivalry. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press.