Ola Tunander

Research Professor Emeritus

Ola Tunander
Email: ola@prio.org
Work phone: +47 22 54 77 41
Mobile phone: +47 90 68 23 89



Research Director Qualification, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) after international evaluation, 2008.

Research Professor (Peace Research), International Peace Research Institute Oslo. Appointed Research Professor in 2000.

Ph.D. (Technology and Social Change). Tema Institute, Linköping University, Sweden (with a doctoral thesis on US Naval Strategy, Weapons Technology and Geopolitics), 1989.

M.Sc. (Fil Kand. History of Economics with courses in Human Geography and History of Science and Philosophy), Gothenburg University, Sweden, 1980.


Research Interest, Working Experience and Grants:

2011-2012 Writings on methodology in studies of contemporary history and international relations, and on the use of psychological operations in creating a hegemonic discourse. Project on the 'Arab Spring', Libya and China with a book volume in Swedish.

2006-2010 Contributed with chapers on 'securitization', terrorism and 'Dual State' (Pluto Press, Ashgate). Organized roundtables and conferences with the China Institute of International Studies and the Nordic Institutes of International Affairs and Peace Research funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Contributed to conferences and book volumes for the China Association for Military Science (CAMS) on the global security system. Responsible for a PRIO project on 'Humanitarian Interventions' funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2005-2007 Responsible for PRIO project on 'The Changing Global Security System', funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, a project on 'Terrorism Scenarios' funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and author of four reports for the European Commission for a project on 'Security and Democracy' funded by the EU 6th Framework Program.

2002-2005 Leader of PRIO's Strategic Institute Programme: ‘Looking Outward – The Quest for a European Security Identity’ and responsible for its sub-project on terrorism, the USA and Europe, funded by Research Council of Norway (RCN). This resulted in book chapters and articles on terrorism.

2000-2001 Special Expert to the Swedish Government Inquiry – the Ekéus Inquiry – for investigating the submarine intrusions into Swedish waters in the 1980s. The research resulted in one official report and one Swedish book volume in 2001. An English volume with Frank Cass Naval History Series (London) was published in 2004 and another Swedish volume was published in 2007 (2009).

2000-  Research Professor, International Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

1998-2001 Leader of PRIO's Strategic Institute Programme: ‘European Security Organisations – Two Europes, Two Philosophies’ funded by RCN and resulting in a volume 'European Security Identies' (2001).

1995-2000 Leader of the Foreign and Security Policy Department/Program, PRIO. He wrote and edited several books (Sage, London) and articles on identity politics, geopolitics and European security politics, and he organized international conferences on European geopolitical change.

1991-1994 Leader of the European study group, ‘Walls’, Nordic Summer University.   

1989-2000 Senior Research Fellow, PRIO, with a number of projects funded by the Norwegian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence; projects on Post-Cold War Geopolitics, Nordic Security and to establish the Barents Region (for the cooperation between the Nordic countries and Russia in the far North).

1987-1989 Research Fellow for Nordic Security Studies, PRIO. Receiving tenure at PRIO in 1988.

1985-1988 Leader of the study group 'A New Europe', Nordic Summer University, and organizer of international conferences on European change.

1983-1987 Doctoral Candidate, Department of Technology and Social Change, Institute of Tema Research, Linköping University, Sweden, and with a doctoral thesis on US Maritime Strategy and the Geopolitics of the North (published by Sage as a book volume 1989)

1980-1987 Freelance journalist (written a number of articles and three books).


He has written eight books and edited or co-edited four. He has also written 35 book chapters and a number of reports and articles in international peer-reviewed journals (Review of International Studies, Intelligence and National Security, Geopolitics, Security Dialogue, International Affairs (Moscow), Cooperation & Conflict, Journal of Peace Research, Nordic Journal of Soviet and East-European Studies). Books or book chapters have been published by Sage (London), Frank Cass (London), Ashgate (London), Pluto Press (London), Westview Press (Boulder Col.), Olive Branch Press (Northampton, Mass), Rodopi (Amsterdam), Military Science Publishng House (Beijing), Museum Tusculanum (Copenhagen), Norstedts (Stockholm), Cappelen (Oslo), Carlssons (Stockholm), Symposion (Lund, Sweden), Celanders (Lund) Lund University Press (Lund), Nordic Summer University (Ålborg, Denmark) and Swedish Defence Research Establishment (FOA, Stockholm). Several of these books (and book chapters) have been used as text books at universities or military colleges.

Board Memberships
Member of the Advisory Board of Millennium: Journal of International Studies (2000). Norwegian representative in the board of NISA (Nordic International Studies Association) (1999-2002). Member of the board of International Peace Research Institute Oslo (1998-1999). Swedish representative of the board of the Nordic Summer University (1985-1987).

Referee (for academic publishers and journals)
Publishers: Routledge, Taylor & Francis.
Journals: International Security, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, Geopolitics, Political Geography, European Journal of International Relations, Cooperation & Conflict, Journal of Peace Research, Security Dialogue, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, Internasjonal Politikk.

Member of Editorial Committees
Journal of Peace Research (1989-1998), Internasjonal Politikk (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, 1993-2001).

Referee (for projects)
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Norwegian Military Staff School, Research Council of Norway, and European Science Foudation.

UNAM University (Mexico City), Asian Law Center, University of Melbourne (Australia), Center for Naval Analysis (Washington), Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, USA), East-West Institute (Washington, New York), Northern Region Seminar (Anchorage, Alaska), China Institute of International Studies (Beijing), China Association for Military Science (Beijing), Nairobi Diplomatic Academy (Kenya), Ankara University (Turkey), Sciences Po (Paris, France), European University Institute (Florence, Italy), Universität Kiel (Germany), Nobel Institute (Oslo, Norway), Peace Research Institute (Oslo), Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (Oslo), Norwegian Defence College (Oslo), Norwegian Military Staff School (Oslo), Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Oslo), University of Oslo, University of Bergen (Norway), University of Tromsø (Norway), Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finnish Institute of International Affairs (Helsinki), The Parliament of Finland (Helsinki), Estonian Academy of Science (Tallin), Karelian Academy of Science (Petrozavodsk, Russia), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Danish Institute of International Studies, (Copenhagen), Copenhagen Peace Research Institute, Swedish Ministry of Defence (Stockholm), Swedish Institute of International Affairs (SIIA, Stockholm), The Olof Palme International Center (Stockholm), Linköping University (Sweden), The Parliament of Sweden (Stockholm), Swedish Defence College (Stockholm), Royal Institute of Tecnology (Stockholm), Lund University (Sweden), Malmö University (Sweden), Linnaeus University (Växjö, Sweden), Umeå University (Sweden).


PRIO started tracking events online in 2007. This listing is not complete. Past events may be mentioned in our news archive.

Recent Publications

Tunander, Ola (2016) Et Norge mellom stormaktene [A Norway among the great powers], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2016) «Spør Vadsø» [«Ask Vadsø» ], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2016) I milliardærenes lommer [In the pockets of billionaires], Ny Tid.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Tunander, Ola (2013) Subs and PSYOPs: The 1982 Swedish Submarine Intrusions, Intelligence and National Security 28(2): 252–281.
Tunander, Ola (2012) Samtidshistoria, internationella relationer och källproblematiken [Contemporary history, internatinal relations and the problem with sources], Internasjonal Politikk 70(4): 475–498.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Inspiratorer, interessenter, innvielsesmestere og investorer i Breiviks verden [Inspiration, Interests, Initiation and Investments in Breivik’s World], Nytt Norsk Tidskrift 28(4): 347–358.
Tunander, Ola (2009) Det så kallade elefantmötet [The So-called Elephant Meeting] , Historisk Tidskrift (Journal of the Swedish Historical Society) 129(2): 251–255.
Tunander, Ola (2008) Geopolitics of the North, Geopolitik of the Weak - A Post-Cold War Return to Rudolf Kjellén , Cooperation and Conflict 43(2): 164–184.
Tunander, Ola; & Ola Tunander (2000) A Criticism of Court Chroniclers, Cooperation and Conflict 35(4): 451–460.
Tunander, Ola (1996) Un nuevo Imperio Otomano? La opcion turca: centro eurasiático o fortaleza nacional [A New Ottoman Empire? – The Choice for Turkey: Euro-Asian Centre vs National Fortress] , Dialogo Y Securidad (3): 219–234.
Tunander, Ola (1995) A New Ottoman Empire? - The Choice for Turkey: Euro-Asian Centre vs National Fortress, Security Dialogue 27(4): 413–427.
Tunander, Ola (1987) Grey Zone and Buffer Zone – The Nordic Borderland and the Soviet Union , Nordic Journal of Soviet & East European Studies 4(4): 3–34.

Book Chapter

Tunander, Ola (2014) Diskurs, identitet och territorialitet: Kjellens tankar om ett europeisk statsfôrbund [Discourse, identity and territoriality: Kjellen's thoughts on a union of European states], in Edstrôm, Bert; Ragnar Bjôrk; & Thomas Lunden, eds, Rudolf Kjellen. Geopolitiken Och Konservatismen. Stockholm: Hjalmarson & Högberg (203-223).
Tunander, Ola (2013) Krigen om andre enn Syria [The war about others than Syria], in Knut Vidar Paulsen, ed., Stiftelsen Natur Og Kultur Sandefjord. Oslo: Stiftelsen Natur Og Kultur Sandefjord (99–102).
Tunander, Ola (2013) Kriget i Libyen - Humanitär intervention eller kolonialkrig? [The war in Libya - Humanitarian intervention or colonial war?], in Eva Myrdal, ed., Nordiska Fredssamtalen I Degerfors 3-5 Augusti 2012. Stockholm: Folket I Bild/Kulturfront Stockholm (44–48).
Tunander, Ola(2010) Non-Traditional Security Threats: Islamic Terrorism, International Crime, Heroin and War International Security Cooperation and Asia-Pacific Security. : (311–328).
Tunander, Ola(2010) 非传统安全威胁—伊斯兰恐怖主义、国际犯罪活动、海洛因与战争 [Non-Traditional Security Threats: Islamic Terrorism, International Crime, Heroin and War] 国际安全合作与亚太地区安全. : (296–310).
Tunander, Ola(2009) Democratic State vs. Deep State - Approaching the Dual State of the West Government of the Shadows: Parapolitics and Criminal Sovereignty. : (56–72).
Tunander, Ola(2008) US Strategy for a New World Order: Some Preliminary Predictions on Peace and War in the World Peaceful Development and Security In the Asia-Pacific Region. : (117–131).
Tunander, Ola(2008) 美 国 的 世 界 新 秩 序 战 略 对 世 界 和 平 与 战 争 的 一 些 初 步 预 测 [US Strategy for a New World Order: Some Preliminary Predictions on Peace and War in the World] 亚 太 地 区 的 和 平 发 展 与 地 区 安 全. : (109–116).
Tunander, Ola (2007) The Dual State and the Sovereign - a Schmittian Approach to Western Politics, in Den Ondeste Mand I Live? Lesninger Om Og Mot Carl Schmitt. Museum Tuskulanum (187–208).
Tunander, Ola (2006) War on Terror and US Transformation of World Order, in International Security Today - Understanding Change and Debating Strategy. (187–204).
Tunander, Ola (2006) War on Terror and the Pax Americana, in 9/11 and the American Empire. (149–168).
Tunander, Ola (2000) The Informal NATO or NATO als Gemeinschaft - The Case of Sweden, in J. Peter Burgess, ed., European Security Identities - Contested Understandings of the EU and NATO. (81–101).
Tunander, Ola; & Tunander, Ola (1993) Norden och Havet [Norway and the Sea] , in Bull, Bernt; & Kjølberg, Anders, eds, Norge I Det Politiske Kraftfeltet . Cappelen & the Europe Program(82–103).
Tunander, Ola (1991) The Two Norden: the North and the South, or the East and the West?, in Lassi Heininen, ed., Arctic Complexity - Essays on Arctic Independences. Tampere Peace Research Institute (4–22).
Tunander, Ola (1990) Naval Hierarchies - European 'Neutralism' and Regional Restraint at Sea, in Naval Arms Control. Sage (159–186).
Tunander, Ola (1989) Avskräckningens logik [The Logic of Deterrence], in Farväl Till Avskräckningen. Lund University Press (55–90).
Tunander, Ola (1988) Four Scenarios for the Norwegian Sea, in The Arctic Challenge – Nordic and Canadian Approaches to Security and Cooperation In an Emerging International Region. Westview Press (131–156).

Edited Volume

Tunander, Ola; & J. Peter Burgess, eds, (2000) European Security Identities. Contested understandings of EU and NATO. Oslo. PRIO Report 2-2000.
Tunander, Ola; Pavel K. Baev; & Victoria Ingrid Einagel, eds, (1997) Geopolitics in Post-Wall Europe. Security, Territory and Identity. London.
Tunander, Ola (ed.) (1995) Europa och Muren - Om 'den andre', gränslandet och historiens återkomst i 90-talets Europa. Ålborg.
Stokke, Olav Schram; & Ola Tunander, eds, (1994) The Barents Region - Cooperation in Arctic Europe. London: Sage Publications.
Tunander, Ola; & Olav Schram Stokke, eds, (1994) The Barents Region - Cooperation in Arctic Europe. London: Sage.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Tunander, Ola (2010) Nationella operationer vs. NATO-operationer [National Operations vs. NATO Operations], Historisk tidskrift 139(2): 283–285.
Tunander, Ola (2010) Maktens historieskrivning och forskarens. Replik till Bengt Gustafsson [Court Chronicles vs. Historical Research. A Reply to Bengt Gustafsson], Forum Navale 66: 52–62.
Tunander, Ola (2010) Från ‘säker’ kränkning till fantasifull observatör. Replik till Bror Stefenson och Göran Wallén [From ‘Certain Submarine’ to Fantasy. A Reply to Bror Stefenson and Göran Wallén] , Forum Navale 6685–100.
Tunander, Ola (2010) Court Chronicles vs. Historical Research. A Reply to Bengt Gustafsson , Forum Navale 66148–150.
Tunander, Ola (2010) From ‘Certain Submarine’ to Fantasy. A Reply to Bror Stefenson and Göran Wallén , Forum Navale 66158–161.
Tunander, Ola (2009) Men för Gustafsson är jag den enda trovärdiga källan , Historisk Tidskrift (Journal of the Swedish Historical Society) 129(3): 540–543.
Tunander, Ola (2009) Det kalla krigets historie, vetenskap och spelet under ytan [Cold War History, Scholarship and the Game below the Surface] , Forum Navale (Journal of the Swedish Society of Naval History) (65): 125–150.
Tunander, Ola (2009) Ett generalangrepp på den kritiska historieforskningen. En kommentar till Bengt Gustafsson [General('s) Attack on Critical Research in History - A Comment on Bengt Gustafsson] , Historisk Tidsskrift (Journal of the Swedish Society of History) 129(1): 48–62.
Tunander, Ola (2008) Historieforskning och kallt krig [Historical Research and Cold War] , Norsk Tidsskrift For Sjøvesen (Journal of the Norwegian Navy) 123(5): 37–39.
Tunander, Ola (2008) A Return to the "Geopolitics of the Weak" , Heartland - Eurasian Review of Geopolitics (2): 128–138.
Tunander, Ola (2008) Il ritorno delle "geopolitica dei deboli" , Limes - Revista Italiano Di Geopoliti-Ca (2): 181–185.
Tunander, Ola (2006) The Dual State and the Sovereign: A Schmittian Approach to Western Politics .
Tunander, Ola (2006) Terrorism, Securization and a Unipolar World Order .
Tunander, Ola (2003) Geopolitikens fader - Stat og statsforbund hos Rudolf Kjellen [The Father of Geopolitics - Rudolf Kjellen Views on States and Confederacies ] , Kritik (Denmark) 16612–19.
Tunander, Ola (1999) Nordic Cooperation , Odin (Norwegian MFA) .
Tunander, Ola (1997) New Russian-Norwegian Relations - A Complex Partnership , International Affairs (Moscow) 43(4): 58–65.
Tunander, Ola (1991) The Two Nordens: The North and the South, or the East and the West? , Bulletin of Peace Proposals 22(1): 55–63.
Tunander, Ola (1991) Den sovjetiska sjöbjörnen [The Soviet Sea Bear] , Internasjonal Politikk 1110–112.
Tunander, Ola (1991) Bushs sköna nya värld: En ny världsordning - en ny militär strategi [Bush’s Brave New World: A New World Order - A New Military Strategy’] , Internasjonal Politikk 4421–439.
Tunander, Ola (1991) Bush’s Brave New World: A New World Order - A New Military Strategy , Bulletin of Peace Proposals (Later Security Dialogue) 22(4): 355–368.
Tunander, Ola (1990) Flottbesök och marin rustningskontroll , Internationella Studier (Sweden) 547–66.
Tunander, Ola (1990) The Port Call Issue - Nordic Considerations , Bulletin of Peace Proposals (Later Security Dialogue) 21(3): 337–352.

Popular Article

Tunander, Ola (2016) Et Norge mellom stormaktene [A Norway among the great powers], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2016) «Spør Vadsø» [«Ask Vadsø» ], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2016) I milliardærenes lommer [In the pockets of billionaires], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2016) Saudi-Arabia direkte involvert i 11. september? [Saudi Arabia directly involved in 9/11?], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2016) Hvem skyter statsministre? [Who shoots prime ministers?], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2016) Var drapet på Palme et statskupp? [Was the murder of Palme a coup d'etat?], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2016) Var det Russland? – Ukraina er saksøkt [Was it Russia? – Ukraine has been sued], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2015) Brevet til Jeltsin [The letter to Jeltsin], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2015) Taushetens diktatur [The dictatorship of silence], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2015) Politisk taskenspill fra den kalde krigens kokebok [Political fraudulence from the cookbook of the cold war], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2015) Norges ansvar for katastrofen i Middelhavet [Norway's responsibility for the catastrophe in the Mediterranean], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2015) Snowdens val [Snowden's choice], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2015) Massakern i Benghazi [The Massacre in Benghazi], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2015) Hva er en konspirasjonsteori? [What is a conspiracy theory?], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2013) De totalitære metoder, Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2013) Hvem krysset Obama's 'røde linje' [Who crossed Obama's 'red line'], Dagbladet.
Tunander, Ola (2013) Krigen om andre enn Syria [The war about others than Syria], Ny Tid.
Tunander, Ola (2013) Hvem brukte kjemiske våpen i Ghouta? [Who used chemical weapons in Ghouta?], Minervanett.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Løgnens offer [The Victims of the Lie], Aftenposten, 17 November.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Massedrap og massemedia [Mass Killing and Mass Media], Ny Tid, 11 November.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Fra Hammarskjöld til Ban Ki-moon [From Hammarskjöld to Ban Ki-moon], Dagsavisen, 12 October.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Fem scenarier for Libya [Five scenarios for Libya], Klassekampen, 10 October.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Libya i sort og hvitt [Libya in Black and White], Aftenposten, 17 September.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Har vi blitt lurt i Libya [Have we been Deceived in Libya], Klassekampen, 7 September.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Var ubåtskränkningarna på 80-talet en svensk militärkupp? [Where the submarine intrusions in the 1980s a Swedish coup d'etat?], Newsmill, 24 August.
Tunander, Ola (2011) På Tripolis strender [On the shores of Tripoli], Dagsavisen, 3 August.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Våre behov av sort-hvite bilder [Our Need for Pictures in Black-and-white], Klassekampen, 16 May.
Tunander, Ola (2011) Frihet, makt og renslighet [Freedom, Power and Dissent], Aftenposten, 16 March.
Tunander, Ola (2010) Hvem snakket med hvem? [Who talked to whom?], Aftenposten, 9 November.
Tunander, Ola (2010) Emil Svensson och Carl Bildt var aldrig betrodda den mest vitala informationen [Emil Svensson and Carl Bildt were never trusted the most vital information], Newsmill, 7 August.
Tunander, Ola (2010) De fysiska bevisen från Hårsfjärden pekar entydigt mot Väst [The physical evidence from Hårsfjärden points definitely to the West], Newsmill, 29 June.
Tunander, Ola (2010) Troligare att marinen sänkte västubåt [It is more likely that the Navy damaged a Western submarine], Newsmill, 22 June.
Tunander, Ola (2010) Gustafsson övertygar inte om att ubåtarna kom från Sovjet [Gustafsson is not convincing in arguing that the submarines originated from the Soviet Union], Newsmill, 21 June.
Tunander, Ola (2009) Kollektivt Selvmord [Collective Suicide], Aftenposten, 17 February.
Tunander, Ola (2009) En forsker må ha lønn [A Researcher Must Have a Salary], Aftenposten, 29 January.
Tunander, Ola (2008) Skjev fremstilling - Russland og Georgia [Russia and Georgia - A Biased Presentation], Morgenbladet, 3 October.
Tunander, Ola (2008) Myter om Lhasa-massakren [The Myth about the Lhasa massacre], Kina & Vi, 20/05/2008.
Tunander, Ola (2008) Myter om Lhasa-massakren [The Myth about the Lhasa Massacre], Klassekampen, 8 May.
Tunander, Ola (2008) Vennskap som teller [Friendship that Counts], Aftenposten, 11 February.
Tunander, Ola (2007) Mycket pekar på västliga ubåtar [A Lot Points to Western Submarines], Svenska Dagbladet, 03/12/2007.
Tunander, Ola (2007) Sanningen om ubåtsbandet [The Truth about the Submarine Tape], Expressen, 21/11/2007.
Tunander, Ola (2007) Sanningen om vem som fanns i Hårsfjärden [The Truth about who was in Hårsfjärden ], Expressen, 2 november 2007.
Tunander, Ola (2006) Kreativ Ødeleggelse [Creative Destruction], Morgenbladet, 25 august 2006.
Tunander, Ola (2005) Clemmensens blindhet [Clemmensen's blindness], Berlingske Tidende, 15/09/2005.
Tunander, Ola (2005) Vestlige ubåde opererede i Sverige [Western submarines operated in Swedish waters], Berlingske Tidende, 25/08/2005.
Tunander, Ola (2005) Det fredelige Sverige - og det aristokratiske [The Peaceful Sweden and the Aristocratic Sweden], Aftenposten, 19/04/2005.
Tunander, Ola (2003) NATOs forsvar av Tyrkia [NATOs Defence of Turkey], Aftenposten, 21/02/2003.
Tunander, Ola (2003) Mens vi venter på krigen [While Waiting for the War], Dagsavisen, 02/02/2003.
Tunander, Ola (2002) Ola Tunander om ubåtssprängningen vid Mälsten för 20 år sedan - Norsk UD-chef avslörade USA [Ola Tunander tells about the mine explosion 20 years ago - Director at the Norwegian Foreign Ministry revealed the USA], Dagens Nyheter, 11/09/2002.
Tunander, Ola (2002) Bildt är kanske trots allt inte naiv [Despite everything, Bildt is perhaps not naive], Svenska Dagbladet, 21/01/2002.
Tunander, Ola (2001) Bror Stefenson fick granske sig själv, Dagens Nyheter, 02/12/2001.
Tunander, Ola (1998) Kräver demokratin dödsskvadroner? [Does Democracy demand Death Squads?], Svenska Dagbladet, 06/12/1998.
Tunander, Ola (1998) Demokratins lättsinne [The Carelessness of Democracy], Svenska Dagbladet, 05/12/1998.

Conference Paper

Tunander, Ola (2014) Rudolf Kjellen and the Birth of Geopolitics: A Geopolitical Scholar of the First World War, presented at The International Studies Association Annual Convention, Toronto, 26 March 2014.
Tunander, Ola (2013) Global Trends: Towards a New Geopolitical Shift, presented at Major Power Relations: Challenges and Cooperation in the Transition of the International System, Shanghai, 21.11.13 – 22.11.13.
Tunander, Ola 2008 Non-Traditional Security Threats: Islamic Terrorism, International Crime, Heroin and War, presented at The Second Xiangshan Forum Conference, China Association for Military Science, , 24–26 October.
Tunander, Ola 2008 Humanitarian Intervention and calibration of violence: Some comments on the operation in Afghanistan, presented at China-Nordic Peace Research Conference, , 7–9 April.
Tunander, Ola 2008 Humanitarian Intervention and Calibration of Violence, presented at China-Nordic Peace Research Conference, , 7–9 April.
Tunander, Ola 2006 Democratic State vs Deep State: approaching the Dual State of the West, presented at Government of the Shadows: Global Governance, Para-Politics and Organized Crime, , 10–12 August.
Tunander, Ola 2006 Geopolitics of the North, Geopolitik of the Weak - a Post Cold War Return to Rudolf Kjellen, presented at Politics of Geopolitics: Revival of Geopolitical Thoughts in Europe, , 5–6 June.
Tunander, Ola 2006 US Strategy for a New World Order: Some Preliminary Predictions on Peace and War in the World, presented at Peaceful Development and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region, , 22–24 October.
Tunander, Ola 2006 Kriget mot terror och Norges allierade [The War on Terror and Norway's allies], presented at 'The War on Terror and' og Norges bånd til USA og EU, , 21 September.
Tunander, Ola 2006 Security, Securitization and the War on Terror, presented at 9/11 Five Years After: Values, Risk and Identity in the War on Terror, , 11–12 September.
Tunander, Ola 2006 The War on Terror and the Pax Americana, presented at Illiberal Practices of Liberal Regimes, , 9 June.
Tunander, Ola 2005 Post-Cold War Conflict Management; Transcending the Era of Terrorism, presented at Regional In/Security: Redefining Threaths and Responses, , 20–23 October.
Tunander, Ola 2003 The Puppet show of Terror and Terrorism as Psychological Warfare, presented at The 16th Nordic and 4th Baltic Peace Research Conference, , 11–13 September.
Tunander, Ola 2002 Puppet Show of Terror - Lessons from History, presented at PRIO-Sipri Conference on 'Terrorism and Armed Conflict', , 8–9 December.

Report - Other

Tunander, Ola (1998) Nordiskt Samarbete [Nordic Cooperation], Nytt fra Norge (News from Norway), : .

Report - External Series

Tunander, Ola (1992) The Strategic Significance of the Nordic-Baltic Region , The Europe Program Report Series , 2. The Europe Program.

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