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Thursday, 7 Apr 2022
New Case Brief: Ethical Issues and Controversies in the Astana Process: Questioning Representation and Ownership

​This new FAIR case brief by Zenonas Tziarras focuses on how the Astana process became central to the peace efforts regarding the Syria conflict after 2017, but it has been heavily influenced by the interests and positions of its three sponsors or guarantor powers: Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

Thursday, 3 Mar 2022
RedLines Project Kick-Off Meeting

​The Red Lines and Grey Zones project has been officially launched with a kick-off meeting on the 1st of March. Please find an introduction to the project presented by Kristoffer Lidén above.

Monday, 31 Jan 2022
Turkish Foreign Policy: The Lausanne Syndrome in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East

​In the context of rapid developments in Turkey and its broader geopolitical environment over the past decade, this book examines and conceptualises Turkey’s changing foreign policy towards a more assertive and revisionist paradigm.

Thursday, 16 Sep 2021
Podcast Episode on Natural Resources and Struggles for Power in the Eastern Mediterranean

​Recent discovery of hydrocarbon has exacerbated existing geopolitical tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. In an episode of PRIO's Peace in a Pod, PRIO Cyprus Centre Researcher Zenonas Tziarras gives an overview of the Eastern Mediterranean, laying out its key players and its recent history, and sheds light on why hydrocarbons are consequential for a region that includes several Middle Eastern countries.

Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021
Workshop on Ethical Issues in Peace Negotiations and Mediation

​On 9-10 September 2021, around 20 researchers met for a hybrid online-offline workshop to share their research on specific cases of ethical issues in peace negotiations and mediation. The workshop was part of the PRIO project 'On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation' (FAIR) and included both PRIO researchers and researchers from across the world. 

Wednesday, 18 Aug 2021
New Project on Ethics of Humanitarian Negotiation

​The project "Red Lines and Grey Zones: Exploring the Ethics of Humanitarian Negotiation" has received funding from the Research Council of Norway. Starting from consultations with humanitarian practitioners, the project will map problems related to the ethics of negotiation and cross examine these challenges through cases from Syria, Bangladesh, Colombia, Nepal, the Mediterranean and the UN Security Council.

Tuesday, 29 Jun 2021
Zenonas Tziarras in ISPI Panel Discussion 'The Scramble for the Eastern Mediterranean'
Wednesday, 5 May 2021
New Podcast with Zenonas Tziarras

In this episode of The Conversation podcast, Dr. Zenonas Tziarras talks about Turkish foreign policy in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

What objectives does Turkey have? 

How and why is Turkish foreign policy revisionist? 

What about the conflict and the presence of non-state actors in the region? And what do Turkish actions mean for other regional players?

Tuesday, 4 May 2021
Zenonas Tziarras talks about the patterns of cooperation and competition in the Eastern Mediterranean

​In this talk for Deep Dive Politics Zenonas covers the international systemic drivers and individual state interests that led to the emergence of the new security architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean. He specifically analyzes the impact of global power shifts on the regional level, Turkish foreign policy, and the factors that led to a closer cooperation among Eastern Mediterranean states. Lastly, the talk covers the prospects and challenges of regional integration.

Tuesday, 9 Feb 2021
Positive Impact of Eastern Med Hydrocarbons Hinges on Overcoming Differences

​In a recent article entitled "Energy and Sovereignty in the new Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean" published in the Oxford Energy Forum, PRIO Cyprus Centre researcher Zenonas Tziarras asks how much of the recent crises can really be attributed to hydrocarbons, given other underlying issues and a history of regional tensions. He argues that hydrocarbons can only have a positive impact on eastern Mediterranean dynamics if the regional states (first) manage to resolve their fundamental and sometime decades-old differences.

Wednesday, 24 Jun 2020
Geopolitical Antagonisms Usher Libya Into a New Conflict Phase

​In the PRIO Cyprus Centre (PCC) Policy Brief 'Turning the Tide in Libya: Rival Administrations in a New Round of Conflict' – co-published with the PRIO Middle East Centre – Zenonas Tziarras and Ioannis Sotirios Ioannou analyze the geopolitical dynamics in Libya following Turkey's military intervention in December 2019. They argue that Libya has turned into a battleground for a peculiar version of a proxy war between Turkey on behalf of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and UAE, Egypt, Russia, and France on behalf of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019
Project on the Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation Receives Funding

​What makes peace negotiations fair?

This is the over-arching question asked in the project On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation, which has now received three years of NORGLOBAL funding from the Research Council of Norway. 

Congratulations to project leader Henrik Syse, and the other project participants: Kristoffer Lidén (PRIO), Kwesi Aning (KAIPTC), Fitriani (CSIS), Cedric de Coning (NUPI), Eli Stamnes (NUPI), Harry Tzimitras (PRIO Cyprus Centre), Zenonas Tziarras (PRIO Cyprus Centre), Torunn L. Tryggestad (PRIO), Gregory M. Reichberg (PRIO), Nadim Khoury (PRIO), Wenche Hauge (PRIO), Kristian Berg Harpviken (PRIO), Jenny Lorentzen (PRIO), Isabel Bramsen (University of Copenhagen) and Eric Stollenwerk (Freie Universität Berlin).

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