Alexa  Timlick

Alexa Timlick

Research Assistant

Interests and experience

My focus lies at the intersection of conflict dynamics and socioeconomic impacts of conflict, including humanitarian needs and longer-term consequences. I am interested in leveraging novel methodologies, bridging disciplines to further research. In addition, I am particularly passionate about knowledge transfer and scientific communication.

Alexa Timlick is a Research Assistant with the VIEWS Research Consortium, where she contributes to various tasks concerning research output and project management. These include:

  • Data management and analysis
  • Reports and research articles
  • Planning and facilitation of workshops
  • Communication with stakeholders, including policy makers and INGOs
  • Furthering development of forecasting models and machine learning pipelines


2022-2024  Uppsala University Master of Social Science (MSSc) in Peace and Conflict Studies


  • Mats Hammarström Prize for Outstanding Thesis awarded by the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University
  • Demscore Best Master Thesis Award awarded by the DEMSCORE research consortium hosted by the University of Gothenburg and including Stockholm Univeristy, Umeå University, and Uppsala University
  • Braathen Fund Foundation Scholarship awarded by the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and supporting research for an independent Master's level thesis

2016-2020 Sciences Po Paris and University of British Columbia Dual Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relations and Economics


  • English, French

Technical Skills

  • Python, R, Stata, LaTex
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