Diasporas for Peace (DIASPEACE)

Led by Cindy Horst

Mar 2008 – Mar 2011

DIASPEACE was a large EU-funded cooperation project that studied the transnational political activities of Somali, Ethiopian and Eritrean diaspora organizations based in Europe. The project sought to generate policy-relevant, evidence-based knowledge on how diasporas play into the dynamics of conflict and peace in their countries of origin. It ran from March 2008 to February 2011 and consisted of three main empirical phases:

  1. Creation of D-base of diaspora organizations from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea in European countries. A select number of cases are studied in further detail.
  2. Fieldwork in Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, to study the impact of the activities of these selected diaspora organizations on political processes in their countries of origin.
  3. ***A study on the interactions between diaspora organizations and multi-level governance institutions.***This is undertaken in order to prepare a Handbook of ‘best practice’ for both policy makers and diaspora organizations.

PRIO was in charge of a work-package in this project titled 'The interactions between European institutions and diasporas in conflict resolution and peacebuilding'. To learn more about this sub-project, please see the links on the right.

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