Tracking and analyzing WPS in the Security Council

Led by Louise Olsson

Mar 2021 – Dec 2021

​Are we moving from rhetoric to impactful action by integrating Women, Peace and Security (WPS) in regular UN Security Council resolutions?

​ This is important as our initial data induates that WPS language often remains generic and of low priority, thereby negatively affecting the ability to obtain an effect on the ground in conflict areas. To address that problem, this project tracks and analyzes WPS language as resolutions get adopted in 2021 and by back-coding to 2015 when the Global Study and UN Security Council resolution 2242 both underlined the need for in-depth analysis of the Council's own efforts to realize the WPS agenda. Thereby, the novel data provided by this project gives us detailed information about current developments and allows us to develop strategies for effective ways forward.

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