Anna Marie Obermeier left PRIO in 2023. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Anna Marie Obermeier

Anna Marie Obermeier

Interests and experience

Intersectional and feminist research methods

Armed actors

United Nations Security Council

Feminist security studies

Anna Marie is interested in feminist security studies, conceptions of security, armed actors, and gender.

Anna Marie works on several projects, including: Global Women, Peace and Security Index; Rule 39: Expert Briefers to the UN Security Council; Conflict Trends; Inclusion of Women in Ceasefire Processes; ETH/PRIO Civil Conflict CeaseFire (CF) Dataset. She has previously worked on projects including: Reducing Barriers for Women in the Norwegian Armed Forces' Peacekeeping Contributions; Mobilizing for and against Democracy; Securing the Victory; Tracking and analyzing WPS in the Security Council in real time; Conflict Cartographer: Conflict expert prediction in Africa; Women Ambassadors in the UN Security Council: A Decade in Review; TRUST: Attitudinal Impacts of Refugees on Host Communities in the Global South.

Prior to joining PRIO, Anna Marie worked with International IDEA, the Institute for Integrated Transitions, the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, and served as a short-term election observer. Her masters research, through a large-N quantitative study, focused on the influence of private military and security companies on men and women's security. Alongside her work at PRIO, Anna Marie sits on the coordinating team of the Junior IO Scholars Workshop.


Master of Social Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, Uppsala University;

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, Political Science and Rhetoric, Quest University Canada

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