Introducing the ETH/PRIO Civil Conflict Ceasefire Dataset

Journal article

Clayton, Govinda; Håvard Mokleiv Nygård; Håvard Strand; Siri Aas Rustad; Claudia Wiehler; Tora Sagård; Peder Landsverk; Reidun Ryland; Valerie Sticher; Emma Wink & Corinne Bara (2022) Introducing the ETH/PRIO Civil Conflict Ceasefire Dataset, Journal Conflict Resolution. DOI: 10.1177/00220027221129195.

Read the article here (Open Access)

This article introduces the Civil Conflict CeaseFire (CF) dataset. The CF data covers all ceasefires in civil conflict between 1989 and 2020, including multilateral, bilateral and unilateral arrangements, ranging from verbal arrangements to detailed written agreements. In total, the CF data includes 2202 ceasefires across 66 countries and 109 civil conflicts. The data feature information on the actors involved in the ceasefire, and the class, purpose, coverage, and end date of the ceasefire. The CF data provide an empirical basis to assess the conditions that give rise to ceasefires, how ceasefires affect the dynamics of conflict, and the role of a ceasefire in the peace process. This article presents the rationale underlying the data collection, the coding rules and procedures, and how this data can be used for analysis.

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