Tora Sagård left PRIO in 2021. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Tora Sagård

Tora Sagård

Interests and experience

Nonviolent and violent protest, security force defection, conflict trends, ceasefires, terrorism and violent extremism, quantitative methods and spatial data.

I graduated with a MA in political science from the University of Oslo (UiO) in 2019. My thesis, which focused on ceasefires in civil war, won me an award for a high-quality thesis from the Faculty of Social Sciences at UiO. At PRIO I have worked on several projects, including Conflict Trends, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I have published policy briefs, PRIO papers, and popular articles. In addition, I authored the UNDP-PRIO report "When is Conventional Wisdom Wise? Testing the Assumptions Behind Preventing Violent Extremism" which was launched at OSLO 3, in June 2021 ( I also have extensive data collection experience and have coordinated several data collection projects.


2017-2019: MA, Political science, University of Oslo and PRIO

2014-2017: BA, Political science and Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Cape Town

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English

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