Marit Moe-Pryce

Managing Editor, Security Dialogue

Marit Moe-Pryce
Work phone: +47 22 54 77 29
Twitter: @SecDialogue


​​​​​Security Dialogue:

Managing all production sides of Security Dialogue, from the initial submission and liaising with authors to seeing the final article through to printed copy.

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English

Working experience:

2004- Managing Editor, Security Dialogue,
Programme Coordinator and Research Assistant, PRIO, Oslo, Norway.

2003-2004 Production Supervisor, Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK.

2002-2003 Production Control Administrative Assistant,
Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK.


1999-2003 MPhil programme, SSEES/UCL, University of
London. Topic of thesis: 'The Contact Group in
Bosnia and Kosovo: The Institution
and its Mediating Role'.

1994-1998 Cand. Mag, University of Oslo, combined of;
Statsvitenskap mellomfag (Political Science, 18

Grunnfag Russland og Øst-Europa kunnskap (Russia
and Eastern Europe Area Studies, 12 months).

Grunnfag Vest-Europa områdestudie (Western Europe
Area Studies, 12 months).

Semesteremne Storbritannia siden 1945 (Great
Britain since 1945, 6 months).

Ex.Phil (Basic Philosophy, 6 months).

Current Research:

Norwegian security agencies in relation to the European Field of Security with particular attention to data protection and democratic accountability in a security perspective.



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Conference Paper

Davidshofer, Stephan;Moe-Pryce, Marit; & Wang, Jonas Rusten 2009 Norway and the European Field of Security, presented at 50th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, , 15–18 February.