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Tuesday, 8 Aug 2023
New podcast series: FAIR: Ethics in Peace Negotiations

A new podcast series on ethics in peace negotiations is now available on Spotify.

Wednesday, 7 Jun 2023
Interview with Harry Tzimitras, Director - PRIO Cyprus Centre

​"The unfortunate dual calamities hitting Turkey and Greece in the first half of 2023 in the forms of a devastating earthquake and horrendous train crash respectively, revived memories of the summer of 1999, when two major destructive earthquakes hit Istanbul and Athens.

Thursday, 27 Oct 2022
FAIR project workshop takes place in Cyprus

​The PRIO project “On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation” (FAIR) organized a workshop in Cyprus in partnership with the PRIO Cyprus Centre, PRIO Middle East Centre, and the PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security, 19-21 October.

Friday, 10 Jun 2022
Article in POLITICO with Comments by Harry Tzimitras

​“Energy could be a good platform for reconciliation in politically laden regions, like Cyprus and beyond, but unfortunately, it has become yet another chapter in the book of the conflict.

Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022
Washington's Sanctions on Russia Will Affect Europe More than the United States

Interview with Harry Tzimitras

Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021
Workshop on Ethical Issues in Peace Negotiations and Mediation

​On 9-10 September 2021, around 20 researchers met for a hybrid online-offline workshop to share their research on specific cases of ethical issues in peace negotiations and mediation.

Thursday, 20 May 2021
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza

​In a series of brief blog posts, researchers of the PRIO Middle East Centre offer their reflections on the unfolding Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021
HarryTzimitras together with Özdil Nami and Kyriakos Pierides in an OPEK Citizens Forum Web Discussion

The Association for Social Reform – OPEK in collaboration with the Web - Portal of Newspaper Politis organizes a web - discussion titled: The “day after” Geneva Conference Structured policies and win-win solutions or blame game and chaotic discussions?

Thursday, 29 Apr 2021
Harry Tzimitras on BBC World News

Following the 5+1 talks in Geneva convened by UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Tuesday, 23 Mar 2021
Harry Tzimitras together with Charles Ellinas and Kyriakos Pierides in a OPEK Citizens Forum Web Discussion (in Greek)

Ο Όμιλος Προβληματισμού για τον Εκσυγχρονισμό της Κοινωνίας μας - ΟΠΕΚ σε συνεργασία με το Web - Portal της Εφημερίδας “Politis”οργανώνουν διαδικτυακή συζήτηση με θέμα “ΟΙ ΑΓΩΓΟΙ «ΟΝΕΙΡΟ» ΣΤΗΝ ΑΝΑΤΟΛΙΚΗ ΜΕΣΟΓΕΙΟ Συσχετισμοί, ανατροπές, λύσεις”

Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020
The conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean is less about hydrocarbons than the future of the EU-Turkey relationship

So writes Harry Tzimitras in an opinion article entitled 'The Eastern Mediterranean Quagmire'  in the International Politics and Society journal.

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019
Project on the Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation Receives Funding

​What makes peace negotiations fair?This is the over-arching question asked in the project On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation, which has now received three years of NORGLOBAL funding from the Research Council of Norway.

Thursday, 19 Jul 2018
PRIO Cyprus Centre joins EuroMeSCo

​PRIO Cyprus Centre has just been admitted to EuroMeSCo, the Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission, with full membership.

Monday, 12 Feb 2018
Successful Conference on Youth in Iraq

​On 2-4 February, PRIO co-organized a conference in Kyrenia (north Cyprus) titled Youth in Iraq: Developing Capacities for Active Citizenship.

Monday, 8 May 2017
Nimet Beriker appointed PRIO Global Fellow

Nimet Beriker, professor of conflict resolution, has been appointed Global Fellow.

Monday, 17 Oct 2016
Discussion: Hydrocarbons and the Cyprus Problem

Welcome remarks: Kyriacos Pierides Discussants: Charalambos Ellinas, Antonis Patsalis and Harry Tzimitras

Monday, 29 Aug 2016
'No more lost opportunities' article by PCC Director Harry Tzimitras

Full​ article here ​

Monday, 9 May 2016
Børge Brende visits the PRIO Cyprus Centre

​​Itwas an honor to receive a visit from the Foreign Affairs Minister, BørgeBrende together with​​ the delegation from the Norwegian Ministry​, at the PRIO Cyprus Centre last Friday, 6 May 2016.

Thursday, 14 Jan 2016
Apply now for the Nationalism, Religion & Violence Summer Seminar (Prague 2016)!

The Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence organized by Charles University in Prague and International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki, supported by the LSEE, PRIO and CEFRES, is preparing for its fourth year.

Saturday, 6 Jun 2015
PCC Anniversary Celebration

​2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the PRIO Cyprus Centre

Wednesday, 8 Apr 2015
PRIO Cyprus Centre: New Premises

Adress: Arsinois 52, 1010 Nicosia

Monday, 3 Mar 2014
The Cyprus Peace Dividend Revisited

Conference and Report

Monday, 2 Dec 2013
Successful conference on Hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean

PRIO Cyprus Centre Annual Conference 2013

Friday, 28 Jun 2013
Nationalism, Religion and Violence in South East Europe

Summer School in Thessaloniki

Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012
Women's Peace: Launch of New Publications

The PRIO Cyprus Centre is launching two publications at the event Women's Peace: Applying UNSCR 1325 to Cyprus and the Region.

Saturday, 1 Sep 2012
New Director at the PRIO Cyprus Centre

Harry Tzimitras is the new Director of the PRIO Cyprus Centre, starting 1 September 2012.

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