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Monday, 8 Apr 2024
New Research Finds Information Campaigns to Deter Migration Have Little Effect

Research carried out by PRIO has found that public information campaigns warning against migration rarely affect desires to leave. And when they do, they surprisingly tend to increase the wish to migrate.

Wednesday, 24 Jan 2024
Prio Invites Journalists to Apply for Residence Linked to Groundbreaking Research

PRIO hosts six research projects funded by prestigious grants for Europe’s most groundbreaking research. There is now an opportunity for journalists to spend 3-5 months at the institute and engage with these projects.

Friday, 20 Oct 2023
International Group of Early-Career Scholars Learn Survey Methods at PRIO

Early-career scholars from all over the world came to PRIO to attend a state-of-the-art PhD-level course on survey methods, with a focus on migration research.

Sunday, 9 Apr 2023
Survey Methods in Migration Research: Design, Implementation, and Analysis

​PhD-Level Course now open for applications.

Saturday, 22 Oct 2022
FUMI Survey Data Collection Completed in The Gambia

A dedicated team overcomes flooding and other challenges

Thursday, 22 Sep 2022
International PhD Students Participate in Ethnographic Fieldwork Methodology Course

​As part of the NORHED II project Partnership for Peace: Better Higher Education for Resilient Societies, PRIO hosted a PhD-level course in Ethnographic Fieldwork Methodology.

Monday, 12 Sep 2022
Early-Career Scholars Learn Survey Methods in Migration Research

​Survey-based research is widespread but also replete with challenges.

Tuesday, 31 May 2022
Next Steps toward New Insights on Migration, Development and Policy from MIGNEX

​Successful MIGNEX consortium meeting in Istanbul, with inspiring discussion as the project members continue to build new knowledge on migration, development and policy.

Friday, 13 May 2022
PhD-Level Course: Ethnographic Fieldwork Methodology

​​PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo in September 2022.

Friday, 6 May 2022
New PhD-Level Course: Survey Methods in Migration Research

​PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo in September 2022.

Thursday, 21 Apr 2022
Kelly Fisher Is the New Coordinator of the PRIO Migration Centre

​​Kelly Fisher takes over from Mathias Hatleskog Tjønn as the coordinator of the PRIO Migration Centre.

Thursday, 17 Feb 2022
New PhD-Level Course: 'Migration Theory: Perspectives on Time and Temporalities'

PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo in June 2022.

Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022
Migration-Related PhD Courses

​Three migration-related PhD courses will be offered at PRIO in the course of 2022: (1) Migration theory: perspectives on time and temporalities, (2) Survey methods in migration research: design, implementation, and analysis, and (3) Ethnographic fieldwork methodology: approaches, tools, and ethics.

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022
New Handbook Chapter: Understanding variation and change in migrant transnationalism

​The new Handbook on Transnationalism, edited by Brenda S.

Saturday, 5 Feb 2022
New Series of Video Portraits from West Africa

The lives and dreams of young adults in three cities are explored in the project Future Migration as Present Fact (FUMI).

Sunday, 14 Nov 2021
Pursuing Big Dreams in Ghana

​Fieldwork for the project Future Migration as Present Fact (FUMI) finally began in Ghana after long COVID-related delays.

Friday, 12 Nov 2021
Call for Abstracts: Times and Temporalities of Migrant Transnationalism

The Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism (MITRA) invites papers for a series of panels at the 2022 IMISCOE conference.

Thursday, 28 Oct 2021
Call for Applications: Research Assistant Position at PRIO

PRIO seeks to recruit a full-time Research Assistant, initially for a period of one year, to work on two projects within the PRIO Migration Centre.

Wednesday, 9 Jun 2021
PRIO Migration Centre launches guide to journals

​The PRIO Guide to Migration Journals is a new resource which gives authors and readers facts and perspectives on 29 peer-reviewed journals in migration research.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021
Call for papers: Micro-level dynamics of migrant transnationalism

Research Symposium on Micro-level dynamics of migrant transnationalism

Monday, 10 May 2021
Call for Subcontractors for the FUMI Survey in Ghana, Cape Verde and The Gambia

​The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) seeks partners for survey data collection and related tasks in Ghana, Cape Verde and The Gambia

Thursday, 22 Apr 2021
Integration and Development: Need for Dialogue

​How does integration in the country of settlement matter for diaspora members’ development engagements in the Global South? And how has this intersection been addressed in policy and practice? A video from webinar the discussing these questions is available.

Tuesday, 6 Apr 2021
What predicts asylum migration flows?

In a new study published in Nature Communications,PRIO researchers use a machine-learning analysis framework to identify leadingpredictors of contemporary asylum migration to the European Union.

Friday, 19 Mar 2021
How can we best ask about migration plans and desires?

​Over the past few decades, thousands of people have responded to survey questions about their thoughts and feelings about possibly migrating.

Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021
What makes people want to migrate?

Thousands of people have responded to surveys with questions about their wishes or plans for migration and researchers have analyzed the data to identify the drivers.

Tuesday, 1 Dec 2020
PRIO Launches Migration Research Centre

Migration research at PRIO enters a new phase with the launch of the PRIO Migration Research Centre.

Wednesday, 18 Nov 2020
Vacancy: Social media curator on migrant transnationalism

​The IMISCOE Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism (MITRA) seeks to recruit a social media curator to serve in a voluntary position for a (renewable) period of one year.

Thursday, 15 Oct 2020
New team takes mixed methods to the next level

​With the hiring of Maryam Aslany, the three-person core team of the project Future Migration as Present Fact (FUMI) is in place.

Sunday, 29 Mar 2020
MIGNEX adapts to the coronavirus crisis

​The initial fieldwork for MIGNEX was being completed when the worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis erupted.

Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020
FUMI Project Seeks Senior Research Fellow

Application deadline: 15 March

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