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Thursday, 8 Dec 2022
Academic workshop: ‘Holding Aid to Account. The Role of Local Humanitarians’

​PRIO to co-host academic workshop in Kampala on the role of local humanitarian actors and their accountability practices.

Monday, 10 Oct 2022
Successful PhD Defence by Rojan Tordhol Ezzati

​Rojan Tordhol Ezzati defended her PhD successfully on 10 October 2022 at the University of Oslo.

Tuesday, 31 May 2022
Next Steps toward New Insights on Migration, Development and Policy from MIGNEX

​Successful MIGNEX consortium meeting in Istanbul, with inspiring discussion as the project members continue to build new knowledge on migration, development and policy.

Sunday, 8 May 2022
The History of PRIO and Peace Research: New Open Access Book

​The new open accessbook Livesin Peace Research: The Oslo Stories explains how PRIO, the world'soldest independent peace research institute, was founded and how it survivedthrough crises.

Thursday, 28 Apr 2022
Call for Bids: Developing Comics and Educational Kit on Migration and Social Mobility

​As part of the European Research Council funded 'Migration Rhythms in Trajectories of Upward Social Mobility in Asia' project, PRIO invites bids to develop comics based on family history interviews to be collected in four Asian cities in 2023.

Thursday, 21 Apr 2022
Kelly Fisher Is the New Coordinator of the PRIO Migration Centre

​​Kelly Fisher takes over from Mathias Hatleskog Tjønn as the coordinator of the PRIO Migration Centre.

Tuesday, 5 Apr 2022
Ledig stilling: Forskningsassistent

Hvordan opplever barn og unge å delta i aktiviteter i sine trossamfunn, og hvordan er forholdet mellom dette og det de lærer på skolen? FAITHED-prosjektet søker etter en forskningsassistent som skal bidra med datainnsamling i to katolske menigheter i Oslo-området, skoleåret 2022-2023.

Monday, 14 Mar 2022
Islamic Finance and Lived Religion in Denmark and Norway

Studies of lived religion among Muslims in Europe increasingly analyse how Muslims’ everyday practices are informed by religious beliefs, norms and values.

Thursday, 24 Feb 2022
Ukraine: PRIO Expertise

​The most relevant PRIO researchers to comment on aspects relevant to the Russia-Ukraine War are listed here.

Thursday, 17 Feb 2022
New PhD-Level Course: 'Migration Theory: Perspectives on Time and Temporalities'

PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo in June 2022.

Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022
Migration-Related PhD Courses

​Three migration-related PhD courses will be offered at PRIO in the course of 2022: (1) Migration theory: perspectives on time and temporalities, (2) Survey methods in migration research: design, implementation, and analysis, and (3) Ethnographic fieldwork methodology: approaches, tools, and ethics.

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022
New Handbook Chapter: Migrant transnationalism, remittances and development

​The new Handbook on Transnationalism, edited by Brenda S.

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022
New Handbook Chapter: Theorising voluntariness in return

​The new Handbook of Return Migration, edited by Russell King and Katie Kuschminder and published by Elgar, includes a chapter by PRIO Research Professor Marta Bivand Erdal and former PRIO Global Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Sussex Ceri Oeppen, entitled "Theorising voluntariness in return".

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022
Hope and despair in the Indus River delta: navigating the treacherous waters of capitalism, climate change and politics

​PRIO Research Professor Marta Bivand Erdal together with Sehr Nisar, Prithvi Raj, Neha Ramchand, Furrukh Khan and Rashid Memon, have contributed a new blog post in the MIGNEX Insight series, entitled "Hope and despair in the Indus river delta: navigating the treacherous waters of capitalism, climate change and politics".

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022
Reflections on the Poland-Belarus border crisis

​The Poland-Belarus Border: A Conversation with Marta Bivand Erdal in the Public AnthropologistIn this conversation with Public Anthropologist's Saumya Pandey (Doctoral Researcher at Christian Michelsen's Institute) PRIO Research Professor Marta Bivand Erdal reflects on the continuing Poland-Belarus crisis.

Thursday, 3 Feb 2022
Recruiting Two Postdocs for the MigrationRhythms Project

The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) invites applications for two full-time, two-year, Postdoc positions within the project Migration Rhythms in Trajectories of Upward Social Mobility in Asia (MigrationRhythms).

Tuesday, 1 Feb 2022
Louise Olsson New Research Director

​Louise Olsson is the new Research Director for the Social Dynamics Department.

Friday, 17 Dec 2021
PRIO Participates in New Project on Faith Education in Norway

​The FAITHED project has received funding from the Research Council of Norway to study children and youth with a religious minority background in Norway and their relationship to non-formal and formal religious education.

Friday, 12 Nov 2021
Belonging and Bureaucracy in Norway

In a recent episode of PRIO's Peace in a Pod, Marta Bivand Erdal discusses her research and findings on cizenship, permits, and immigration status in Norway.

Friday, 12 Nov 2021
Call for Abstracts: Times and Temporalities of Migrant Transnationalism

The Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism (MITRA) invites papers for a series of panels at the 2022 IMISCOE conference.

Sunday, 26 Sep 2021
To vote or not to vote? Migrant electoral (dis)engagement in an enlarged Europe

​New article in the journal Migration Studies analyses why migrants vote from abroad in elections in countries of origin, based on 80 interviews with Polish and Romanian migrants in Barcelona and Oslo.

Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021
Call for Papers: Geographies of Migration in Conflict Settings

What about conflict drives some people to move, while others stay behind? Proposed session for the Annual Meeting of American Geographers 2022, on the geographies of migration during conflict and the dynamics of migration-decision making in conflict settings.

Tuesday, 13 Jul 2021
Call for papers: Migrating from Pakistan today

​We welcome abstracts for papers for a virtual workshop, to be held in October/November 2021 (date/time to be confirmed with those participating) – on the theme of Migrating from Pakistan today: Interrogating the regular/irregular divide.

Friday, 18 Jun 2021
Successful Master's Thesis Defense by Kelly Fisher

​Kelly Fisher has successfully defended his thesis "Moving masculinities: Polish men's migration experiences in Oslo".

Monday, 14 Jun 2021
Podcast: Nurse migration, deskilling and the pandemic

​In a recent episode of the PRIO Peace in a pod, Marta Bivand Erdal and Lubomiła Korzeniewska share insight from their research with nurse migrants in Norway.

Monday, 14 Jun 2021
The State and Its Nation-Builders

​New article published (Open Access) in Ethnicities, entitled ​‘A state-centred conception of nationhood? Norwegian bureaucrats on the nation' by Marta Bivand Erdal and Katrine Fangen.

Monday, 14 Jun 2021
Migrant Political Engagement and Voting from Abroad

​Why do migrants vote? How do they compare countries of origin and residence? This new PRIO paper summarizes findings from 80 semi-structured interviews and offers insights from Polish and Romanian migrants living in Barcelona and Oslo.

Wednesday, 9 Jun 2021
PRIO Migration Centre launches guide to journals

​The PRIO Guide to Migration Journals is a new resource which gives authors and readers facts and perspectives on 29 peer-reviewed journals in migration research.

Sunday, 6 Jun 2021
How does "birthplace unknown" in passports impact on their holders' identity-construction and sense of belonging?

New article published (Open Access) in Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, entitled ​‘Birthplace unknown’: on the symbolic value of the passport for identity-construction among naturalised citizens.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021
Call for papers: Micro-level dynamics of migrant transnationalism

Research Symposium on Micro-level dynamics of migrant transnationalism

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