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Book Chapter
Virtual Tibet: Representation, Legitimacy, and Struggles for Democracy

Book chapter in Frustrated Nationalism. Nationalism and National Identity in the Twenty-First Century

Monday, 2 Oct 2023 13:00–14:30
A Playbook for Countering the Authoritarian Threat

Global autocracy rises as democracy declines. Reversing this trend is vital. How can democracies better aid nonviolent movements?

Friday, 6 Oct 2023 10:00–13:00
Histories and Futures of Ethics in Humanitarian Negotiations

In this seminar, experienced practitioners will share their reflections on ethical challenges and dilemmas faced in humanitarian negotiations.

Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023 08:30–10:00
Do Central European Diasporas Matter for Homeland Election Results?

In this breakfast seminar we explore in which ways Central European diasporas influence homeland elections.

Friday, 22 Sep 2023 08:30–10:00
Pasts That Persist: Perspectives from Iraq and Palestine

This panel brings together expert voices from Iraq and Palestine to explore the multifaceted dimensions of collective memory, creating historical narratives and the shaping of political struggles.

Thursday, 21 Sep 2023
Pope Francis calls for recommitment to peace at conference co-organized by PRIO

Pope Francis issued a powerful message to participants of an international conference co-organized by PRIO and The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Report – External Series
The determination of migration through focus group data

MIGNEX Background Paper

Journal Article
Food insecurity and unrest participation: Evidence from Johannesburg, South Africa

Journal Article in International Studies Quarterly

Popular Article
Russia remains stubborn on non-renewal of Ukraine grain deal

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

Monday, 28 Aug 2023 09:30–11:00
Mexico and Norway in the UN Security Council: Achievements and Legacies

This seminar will explore the experiences of Mexico and Norway in the UN Security Council, while also considering the historical legacies of the countries.

Monday, 28 Aug 2023
Norway in the Security Council

PRIO researchers contribute to Special Issue of Internasjonal Politikk [International Politics].

Thursday, 31 Aug 2023
Heated Transformation of a Frozen Conflict: Jumpstarting a Process in a Changing Island

A new PCC Policy Brief by Mete Hatay is out, looking at the cost of the international community's disengagement with Cyprus and potential ways to revive negotiations.

Policy Brief
Heated Transformation of a Frozen Conflict: Jumpstarting a Process in a Changing Island

PRIO Cyprus Centre Policy Brief by Mete Hatay

Tuesday, 8 Aug 2023
PRIO at Arendalsuka 2023

​Arendalsuka is an annual Norwegian political festival that brings together politicians, journalists, policy makers, aid organisations, civil society and the private sector.

Tuesday, 8 Aug 2023
New papers and podcast on humanitarian negotiations

In the research project Red Lines and Grey Zones: Exploring the Ethics of Humanitarian Negotiation (RedLines) two papers and a new podcast episode have recently been published in collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NC...

Wednesday, 9 Aug 2023
New Survey Shows Strong Support for Nordic Self-Defense

A new survey shows that 70 per cent of respondents believe Norway should put up an armed resistance if it is attacked by another country.

Thursday, 10 Aug 2023
Preliminary Findings from NORM Project Presented in Indonesia
PRIO Report
The buffer zone in Cyprus: Clarifying the concepts of legal status and legal responsibility

PRIO Cyprus Centre Report

Tuesday, 1 Aug 2023
Kristoffer Lidén appointed as Research Director

Kristoffer Lidén has been appointed as the new Research Director for the Dimensions of Security Department at PRIO.

Report – External Series
Humanitarian Mediation: Conceptual and Ethical Explorations

NCHS Paper

Report – External Series
Tacit engagement and humanitarian negotiation dilemmas

NCHS Paper

Journal Article
Does disaster contribute to armed conflict? A quantitative analysis of disaster–conflict co-occurrence between 1990 and 2017

Journal Article in International Journal of Development Issues

Journal Article
The contribution of armed conflict to vulnerability to disaster: Empirical evidence from 1989 to 2018

Journal Article in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Popular Article
Russia escalates war by breaking Ukraine grain deal

Popular article in Eurasia Daily Monitor

PRIO Report
The US Talks with the Afghan Taliban: Pulling the Rug from under a Government it Created

FAIR Case Brief

Journal Article
What is in a number? Some reflections on disaster displacement modelling

Journal Article in International Migration

Policy Brief
Trends in State-Based Armed Conflict, 1946–2022

Conflict Trends by Anna Marie Obermeier, Håvard Strand & Georgina Berry

Policy Brief
Scientific Evidence Supports UN Security Council Engagement with Climate Change

PRIO Policy Brief by Halvard Buhaug, Cedric de Coning & Nina von Uexkull

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2023
PRIO Awarded New Funding to Research Russian Approaches to Peace Processes

PRIO was awarded new funding this week by the Research Council of Norway for a 3-year project, Russian Approaches to Peace Processes.

Journal Article
Costs and Cover: Explaining the Onset of Ceasefires in Civil Conflict

Journal Article in Journal of Conflict Resolution

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