Mete Hatay

Senior Research Consultant

Mete Hatay
Work phone: (+357) 22 456555/4
Twitter: @metehatay


​​​Mete Hatay is Senior Research Consultant at the PRIO Cyprus Centre.  Hatay has been a political analyst and freelance writer since 1985, primarily researching and writing on the Cyprus conflict, Cypriot cultural history, immigration, Islam, and ethnic and religious minorities in Cyprus. Before joining the PRIO Cyprus Centre, he worked as co-director of a consultancy firm that provided media monitoring, social and commercial research, and public relations and communication strategy services for international organisations, including the EC Representation in Cyprus. He has taught at Near East University and Cyprus International University and served as a board member of the Turkish Cypriot Education Foundation. He is currently serving as a board member of the Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation and a member of the editorial board of The Cyprus Review.

Between the years of 2003-2004, he worked as a project development officer at the PRIO Cyprus Office as part of the ‘Public Information Project’ on the Annan Plan, the last United Nations proposal to reunify the island. As part of this work, he was involved in the preparation and distribution of booklets that explained the plan to a general audience.  He also aided in the construction of a website, held public seminars, facilitated discussions, and made presentations on local and international TV and radio stations.

​From 2003 to 2005, he was also part of the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation’s Cyprus monitoring team, which was responsible for informing the Turkish public about developments in the Cyprus conflict and their effect on Turkey’s European Union accession negotiations.  In addition, he presented the results of the team’s research in policy fora in Europe and the U.S.

Since January 2005, he has led PRIO-Cyprus Centre’s project on demography in Cyprus.  Much of his work has concentrated on immigrants and settlers in the north of the island.  His monographs Beyond Numbers and Is the Turkish Cypriot Population Shrinking? were published as PRIO reports.  He has also been engaged in a large-scale EU 7th framework project on conflict and cultural heritage, as well as in another EU-funded program on internal displacement in the island. He works on Sufi Islam in Cyprus and is the regular reporter on Islam in Cyprus for the Muslims in Europe Yearbook. He is currently working with co-author Rebecca Bryant on a book manuscript about the period of Turkish Cypriot enclavement between 1963-74 and the later transformation of enclaves into an unrecognized state. Besides his regular appearances and commentaries in local media sources, Hatay has also published academic articles in venues such as Ethnic and Racial Studies, American Ethnologist, Middle Eastern Studies, Journal of Modern Greek Studies, and Cyprus Review.

Apart from popular and academic writing, Hatay is also a composer who has produced two albums, as well as music for numerous documentary films.



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Recent publications

Tzimitras, Harry-Zachary; & Mete Hatay (2016) The Need for Realism: Solving the Cyprus problem through linkage politics, Turkey Project Policy Paper , 9. USA: Centre on the United States and Europe at Brookings.

All publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Hatay, Mete (2015) ‘Reluctant’ Muslims? Turkish Cypriots, Islam, and Sufism, Cyprus Review 27(2): 43–63.
Hatay, Mete;Demetriou, Olga; & Constantinou, Costas M. (2012) Conflicts and Uses of Cultural Heritage in Cyprus, Journal of Balkan and Near East Studies 14(2): 177–198.
Bryant, Rebecca; & Hatay, Mete (2011) Guns and Guitars: Simulating Sovereignty in a State of Siege, American Ethnologist38(4): 631–649.
Hatay, Mete; & Constantinou, Costas M. (2010) Cyprus, Ethnic Conflict and Conflicted Heritage, Ethnic and Racial Studies33(9): 1600–1619.
Hatay, Mete; & Nevzat, Altay (2009) Politics, Society and the Decline of Islam in Cyprus: From the Ottoman Era to the Twenty-First Century, Middle Eastern Studies45(6): 911–933.
Hatay, Mete (2009) The Problem of Pigeons: Orientalism, Xenophobia and a Rhetoric of the 'Local' in North Cyprus, The Cyprus Review20(2): 145–171.
Hatay, Mete; & Bryant, Rebecca (2008) The Jasmine Scent of Nicosia: Of Returns, Revolutions, and the Longing for Forbidden Pasts, Journal of Modern Greek Studies26(2): 423–449.
Hatay, Mete (2006) The Levantine Legacy of Cypriot Culinary Culture, Cyprus Review 18(2): 129–142.

Book Chapter

Dayioglu, Ali & Mete Hatay (2016) Cyprus , in Scharbrodt, Oliver; Ahmet Alibasic; Jorgen Nielsen; & Egdunas Racius, eds, Yearbook of Muslims In Europe. Netherlands : Brill (174–194).
Papadakis, Yiannis & Mete Hatay (2015) The Cultures of Partition and the Partition of Cultures, in Demetriou, Nicoletta; & Jim Samson, eds, Music In Cyprus. Farnham: Ashgate (19–36).
Hatay, Mete & Ali Dayioglu (2015) Cyprus, in Scharbrodt, Oliver; Samim Akgonul; Ahmet Alibasic; Jorgen Nielsen; & Egdunas Racius, eds, Yearbook of Muslims In Europe: Volume 7. Netherlands: Brill (157–173).
Hatay, Mete (2014) Three Ways of Sharing the Sacred: Choreographies of Coexistence in Cyprus, in Choreographies of Shared Sacred Sites: Religion, Politics, and Conflict Resolution (Ed. Elazar Barkan and Karen Barkey). New York: Columbia University Press (69–96).
Hatay, Mete & Ali Dayioglu (2014) Cyprus, in Nielsen, Jørgen S.; Samim Akgönül; Ahmet Alibašić; & Egdūnas Račius, eds, Yearbook of Muslims In Europe, Vol. 6. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers (153–175).
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Hatay, Mete; & Papadakis, Yiannis (2012) A Critical Comparison of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Official Historiographies (1940s to the present)Cyprus and the Politics of Memory: History, Community, and Conflict . I.B. Tauris.
Hatay, Mete & Ali Dayioglu (2012) Cyprus, in Nielsen, Jørgen S.; & Samim Akgönül, eds, Yearbook of Muslims In Europe, Volume 4. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers .
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Hatay, Mete (2011) Turkish Cypriots and the 'Cypriot Solution'The Heybeliada Talks: Two Years of Public Diplomacy on Cyprus . Istanbul Kultur University(49–52).
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Hatay, Mete (2009) Servants, Slaves and Concubines in Ottoman Cyprus (1571-1878)Ottoman Cyprus: a Collection of Studies on History and Culture. Harrassowitz Verlag(161–180).
Hatay, Mete (2006) Geçmişden Günümüze Kıbrıs Nüfusu ve Göçler [Migration and Population in Cyprus: A Historical Overview](173–194).

Non-refereed Journal Article

Hatay, Mete (2008) Has the Season Come? , International Affairs Forum's Middle East Report57–59.

Popular Article

Hatay, Mete (2015) "Samson Kompleksi" ve İntihar Saldırıları [The "Samson Complex" and Suicide Attacks], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 18.10.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Antropoloji ve Arkeoloji'nin Sömürgeci ve Irkçı Çalışmaları [Colonialist and Racist Politics of Anthropology and Archaeology], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 11.10.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) 1912 Limasol Olayları ve "Kollektif Histeri" [1912 Limmasol Events and "Collective Hysteria"], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 30.09.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Osmanlı ve İngiliz Döneminde Toplumsal Cinsiyet [The Gender Politics During Ottoman and British period], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 27.09.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Gökyüzündeki Rekabet: Çan kuleleri ve Minareler [The Competition in the Sky: Bell Towers and Minarets], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 20.9.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) "Kısın Yahu bu Hoparlörlerin Sesini": Kıbrıs'ta Geçmişten Günümüze Ezan Meselesi ["Turn the Volume Down": From Past to Present, the Issue of Ezan in Cyprus], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 13.09.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Kıbrıs’ta Kolonyal Fuhuş ve Hijyen Politikaları [Colonial Politics of Prostitution and Hygine], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 06.09.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Hem Modern Hem de "Hanım Hanımcık" [Both Modern and "Proper Little Lady"], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 04.09.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Din değiştirme ve Kıbrıs Köylerinin Etnik Homojenleşme süreci [Religious Conversion and Ethnic Homogenization Processes in Cyprus], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 23.8.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Kıbrıs’taki ilk Emlak Krizi, Osmanlı Sultanı ve Banker Zarifi [The first property crisis in Cyprus, Ottoman Sultan and Banker Zarifi], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 16.8.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Kenan kardeşler ve "makul şüphe" mahkümları [Kenan Brothers and the prisoners of "reasonable doubt"], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 02.8.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Anadolu İşgali, Kurtuluş Savaşı ve Kıbrıslılar [Occupation of Anatolia, Turkish Independence War and Cypriots], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 26.7.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Kıbrıs ve "Siyonist Projeler" [Cyprus and "Zionist Projects"], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 12.7.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Nazi Almanyası Yahudiler ve Kıbrıs [Nazi Germany Jews and Cyprus], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 5.7.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Suudi Kralı’nın Kıbrıs Vakıfları üzerindeki hak iddiası [The claims of the King of Saudi Arabia on Cypriot Evkaf], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 28.6.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) 35. Paralel ve Göç Hareketleri [35th Paralel and Forced Migration], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 21.6.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) İlk Taksim Tezi: "Adayı Britanya ve Yunanistan Arasında Bölelim" [First Partition Thesis: "Lets Divide the island Between Britain and Greece"], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 10.6.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Cumhuriyet'i Kimse Sevmemişti [No One Wanted the Republic], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 7.6.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) "Sıçan Kral" ve Londra Antlaşmaları ["The King Rat" and the London Agreements], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 31.6.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) TMT: "Evet biz öldürdük" [TMT: "Yes We Killed them"], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 24.5.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) TMT'nin Kara Listesi [The Black List of TMT Underground Organization], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 17.5.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) Celal Hordan Dosyası [The Celal Hordan File], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 05/04/2015..
Hatay, Mete (2015) Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti Bayrağı ve İngiliz Belgelerine Yansıması [Invention of the Cypriot Flag and British Involvement], Poli, Havadis Newspaper, 29.3.2015.
Hatay, Mete (2015) 'Asrın Projesi'nin 60 Yıllık Tarihi [The History of the "Project of the Century"], Poli, Havadis Newspaper,22/03/2015..
Hatay, Mete (2014) Sosyal Medya, Direniş ve Karnavalesk [Social Media, Resistance, and the Carnivalesque], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Tek Lider, Tek otorite, Tek Cami: Suudiler ve Vahabilik [One Leader, One Authority and One Mosque: Saudis and Wahhabism], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Kıbrıslı Türkler ve Ermenilerin Magduriyetini Anlamak [Turkish Cypriots and Understanding Armenian Victimhood], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Antagonistik Tolerans ve Hoşgörü [Antagonistic Tolerance and "Hoşgörü"], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) "Düşmanın" Dilini Konuşmak [Speaking the Language of the "Enemy"], Gazete 360.
Hatay, Mete (2014) Hüzün Adası İmroz ve Kıbrıs Bağlantısı [Imros, the Island of Melancholy and Cyprus Connection], Yenidüzen Gazetesi.
Hatay, Mete (2012) Kıbrıslı Türkler ve Arafta Kalma Hali [Turkish Cypriots and Liminality], Görüş Dergisi .
Hatay, Mete (2006) Turkish Cypriots Ambivalent Encounter with Islam and Nationalism [in Greek], Peripeties Ideon Journal, 25 June.
Hatay, Mete (2006) Turkish-Cypriot Political Parties: The Ever Changing Political Scene [in Greek], Thesis Journal, July–September.

PRIO Report

Bryant, Rebecca; & Mete Hatay (2015) Turkish Perceptions of Cyprus: 1948 to the Present, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 1. Cyprus : PRIO Cyprus Centre.
Hatay, Mete; & Giorgos Charalambous (2015) The post-Annan generation: Student attitudes towards the Cyprus problem, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 3. Cyprus: PRIO Cyprus Centre.
Bryant, Rebecca; & Mete Hatay (2013) Soft Politics and Hard Choices: An Assessment of Turkey’s New Regional Diplomacy, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 2. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.
Gürel, Ayla; & Mete Hatay (2012) An Overview of Events and Perceptions, Displacement in Cyprus - Consequences of Civil and Military Strife, 5. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.
Hatay, Mete (2007) Is the Turkish Cypriot Population Shrinking? An Overview of the Ethno-demography in Cyprus in the Light of Preliminary Results of the Turkish Cypriot 2006 Census, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 2. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.
Hatay, Mete (2005) Beyond Numbers: An Inquiry into the Political Integration of the Turkish 'Settlers' in Northern Cyprus, PRIO Report, 4. Oslo/Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Conference Paper

Hatay, Mete 2007Is Cyprus an Exceptional Case for Europe?, presented at International Workshop on Finding Common Grounds 2: Turkey and V4 Civil Society Forum, Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Bratislava, 10–11 October.
Hatay, Mete 2007Settlers, Soliders, Students, and "Slaves": The Complex Composition of the Turkish Immigrants in Cyprus, presented at Conference on Cyprus Three Years after EU Accession: A Member State with a Divided Legal System, European Academy, Berlin, 25–26 May.
Hatay, Mete 2007Image of Turkish Settlers in Turkish Cypriotic Media, presented at 6th International Congress on Cyprus Studies, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, 24–26 October.
Hatay, Mete 2006From Ottomans to Turks of Cyprus, presented at European Consortium of Political Research, Nicosia, Cyprus, 26 April.
Hatay, Mete 2005The Other Turks of Cyprus - Immigration, Identity and Insecurity, presented at Peacebuilding in Divided Societies26 November.

PRIO Paper

Hatay, Mete; Julia Kalimeri & Fiona Mullen (2008) Intra-island Trade in Cyprus: Obstacles, Oppositions and Psychological Barriers, PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Report - Other

Hatay, Mete; & Bryant, Rebecca (2008) Migrant Cities Research: Nicosia North, Living Together, British Council and the Institute For Public Policy Research.
Gürel, Ayla; & Hatay, Mete (2003) The Annan Plan for Cyprus: A Citizen's GuidePRIO.

Report - External Series

Tzimitras, Harry-Zachary; & Mete Hatay (2016) The Need for Realism: Solving the Cyprus problem through linkage politics, Turkey Project Policy Paper , 9. USA: Centre on the United States and Europe at Brookings.
Bryant, Rebecca; & Hatay, Mete (2011) Negotiating the Cyprus Problem(s), TESEV Foreign Policy ProgrammeTESEV Publications.
Hatay, Mete; & Bryant, Rebecca (2009) Suing for Sovereignty: Property, Territory and EU's Cyprus Problem, Global Political Trends Center Policy BriefGlobal Political Trends Center.

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