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Migration research at PRIO took the form of an established team in 2007 and has, since then, resulted in about 150 publications on a wide range of topics related to migration. The thematic profile of migration research at PRIO fluctuates with the changing project portfolio, yet the group's prevailing foci can be roughly summarized under the following broad headings: Migration processes - Transnational practices - Belonging and diversity. During this Breakfast seminar Insights from 10 Years of Migration Research at PRIO will be presented, accompanied by a comprehensive summary, which will be available in print, as well as online.

Program for the Breakfast seminar:

08.15 Coffe/tea and light breakfast served

08.30 Welcome (Henrik Urdal, PRIO Director)

08.40 10 years of migration research at PRIO (Jørgen Carling, Migration Research Group coordinator)

08.55 Presentation of selected PRIO Migration Research insights (Marta Bivand Erdal, Cindy Horst, Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert, Kaja Borchgrevink, Olga Demetriou)

09.35 Insights from panel of Doctoral Researchers (Rojan Tordhol Ezzati, Mette Strømsø, Noor Jdid, Cathrine Talleraas, Ebba Tellander)

09.55 Closing remarks (Henrik Urdal, PRIO Director)

10.00 Seminar ends

Participants are welcome to stay on to mingle and enjoy refreshments at PRIO

Migration research at PRIO relates to the institute's peace research core in a number of ways. Much contemporary migration results directly from armed conflict and other forms of violence. Moreover, migration affects conflict patterns and dynamics, for instance through diaspora mobilization. Our migration research also relates to peace and conflict in a broader sense, by addressing issues such as the militarization of migration control, humanitarian aspects of migration, and the links between migration, inequalities and social exclusion. PRIO's mission is to conduct research on the 'conditions for peaceful relations between nations, groups and individuals'. Migration is central to the way in which nations, groups and individuals are related to each other.