Researchers at PRIO publish in a large number of academic journals, book series and newspapers. See the Publication Archive for all our publications.

PRIO also publishes Policy BriefsPapers and Reports that are available online, and at the PRIO blog you can find commentary on current events by both PRIO researchers and guest bloggers.

Recent Publications

Baev, Pavel K. (2018) Revisionist Russia is the most nuclearized power in the world, Eurasia Daily Monitor, 22 January.
Baev, Pavel K. (2018) La France, une opportunite pour Vladimr Poutine [The French opportunity for Vladimir Putin], Alternatives Economiques(113): 34–35.
Baev, Pavel K. (2018) Russia’s ‘Victory’ in Syria is Debunked, Derailed and Defeated, Eurasia Daily Monitor, 16 January.
Talleraas, Cathrine (2018) Combining Transnational Living and National Welfare, PRIO Policy Brief, 1. Oslo: PRIO.
Horst, Cindy (2018) Review of Elusive Jannah: The Somali diaspora and a borderless Muslim identity, in Africa 88(1): 189–191.
Nygaard, Lynn P. & Rocco Bellanova (2018) Lost in Quantification: Scholars and the Politics of Bibliometrics, in Curry, Mary Jane; & Theresa Lillis, eds, Global Academic Publishing: Policies, Perspectives and Pedagogies. Bristol: Multilingual Matters (23–36).
Binningsbø, Helga Malmin; Marianne Dahl; Håvard Mokleiv Nygård & Michael Weintraub (2018) Attitudes Towards the Implementation of the Colombian Peace Agreement in Mesetas, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.
Baev, Pavel K. (2018) Putin's road from Damascus: After the "victory", what?, Order from Chaos, 8 January.
Hoelscher, Kristian (2017) Institutional Reform and Violence Reduction in Pernambuco, Brazil, Journal of Latin American Studies 49(4): 855–884.