Jacqui True is an External Associate at PRIO.

Jacqui True

PRIO Global Fellow

Additional positions:

Professor of Politics & International Relations, Monash University

Research Interests

​Jacqui is a specialist in gender and international relations, women, peace and security, and feminist methodologies. Her current research is focused on examining gender and foreign policy cross-nationally, and on understanding the political economy of post-conflict violence against women and the patterns of systemic sexual and gender-based violence in Asia Pacific conflict-affected countries. 


Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021

​PRIO Global Fellow, Professor Jacqui True, has been selected as a 2021 Fellow of the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA). Each year since 2008, AIIA has recognised individuals “with a strong connection to Australia who have achieved a very high level of distinction in, and made a distinguished contribution to, international affairs” by making them fellows of the institute. True has been selected "for her excellence in scholarship on international relations and gender, peace, and security".


Wednesday, 29 Sep 2021

​This fall the PRIO GPS Centre and Gender Research Group are collaborating on a strategic initiative to build more research focusing on men and masculinities at PRIO. 

In recent years, there has been a growth of research which focuses on how gender shapes men's lives, including in peace and conflict research. Through different thematic workshops this fall, PRIO researchers and other collaborators will be meeting to identify where masculinities can fit into PRIO's research, and to develop innovative and new project proposals. 

The project kicked off with a seminar by PRIO Global Fellow Jacqui True in August, and three workshops will be taking place throughout the fall at PRIO, covering topics such as men’s engagement for Women, Peace, and Security, violent extremism and masculinity, and masculinities and militarism.


Friday, 12 Feb 2021

​The Oxford Handbook of Women, Peace, and Security was the NATO Library’s most popular book in 2020. The handbook was published in 2019 and has 93 contributors from all over the world, including several PRIO researchers. 

​Jacqui True, FASSA, is Professor of Politics and International Relations and Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University, Australia. She is also the Director of Monash University's Centre for Gender, Peace and Security (Monash GPS). She was appointed a PRIO Global Fellow in 2017.

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