Trond Bakkevig left PRIO in 2022. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Trond Bakkevig

Trond Bakkevig

Trond Bakkevig was the Dean (Archdeacon) of Vestre Aker which includes twelve parishes and twenty-six pastors.

His doctoral thesis, at the University of Oslo (1984) was on theology and nuclear arms (published in German under the title: Ordnungstheologie und Atomwaffen. Eine Studie zur Sozialethik von Paul Althaus, Walter Künneth und Helmut Thielicke. Paderborn/Oslo 1989). Linked to this work was also an article on the issue of just war: Trond Bakkevig (1983). 'The Doctrine on Just War – Relevance and Applicability'. Studia Theologica. p. 125-145

On the background of his involvement in the struggle against apartheid, he wrote a booklet in Norwegian with the title: Den norske kirke og kampen mot apartheid. Oslo 1995 [The Church of Norway and the Struggle against Apartheid].

He has been writing mostly on political ethics, the relationship between church, religion and society, but lately mostly about the role of religious dialogue and cooperation between religions in relation to peace negotiations and peace processes. One example of this is: Trond Bakkevig (2011). 'Religious Dialogue and the Quest for Peace in the Middle East'. NOREF Report. Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre

He has written many scientific and popular articles in Norwegian as well as in international books and journals. They have mostly dealt with issues of ecclesiology, ethics and pastoral theology.

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