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Tuesday, 24 Jan 2023
Call for Application to the PhD-level course “Political regimes: Developments, Typologies and Consequences"

PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo on 5-7 June 2023. The application deadline is 28 February.

Monday, 12 Dec 2022
Scenarios for UNRWA and the way forward. New report out

A CMI report co-authored by PRIO researcher Jørgen Jensehaugen takes stock of the UNRWA, its role and way forward in context of a funding crisis.

Tuesday, 1 Nov 2022
Election Day in Israel

​Today, for the fifth time in just over three years, Israelis are holding an election.

Thursday, 27 Oct 2022
FAIR project workshop takes place in Cyprus

​The PRIO project “On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation” (FAIR) organized a workshop in Cyprus in partnership with the PRIO Cyprus Centre, PRIO Middle East Centre, and the PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security, 19-21 October.

Tuesday, 7 Jun 2022
PhD Course on International Mediation

The PRIO Research School on Peace and Conflict, in collaboration with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, hosted doctoral candidates at the PhD-level course.

Monday, 30 May 2022
Abraham Accords on NRK Urix

Før måtte de skjule at de var jøder i arabiske land. Nå flytter mange jøder fra hele verden til muslimske Dubai. Hvorfor?

Friday, 27 May 2022
PhD Course on Gender, Peace and Conflict

Doctoral candidates from all over the world attended PRIO's PhD-level course on Gender, Peace and Conflict. 

Thursday, 24 Mar 2022
Transactional Engagements: Middle Eastern Responses to the Ukrainian War

Russia’s war in Ukraine has been met with global condemnation drawing NATO and the EU closer together in coordinating collective responses.

In contrast to this coordinated front among US, French and German responses, it is worth drawing attention to the mixed regional responses among states in the Middle East for whom the war can have long-lasting destabilising effects.

Thursday, 17 Feb 2022
New PhD-Level Course: 'Migration Theory: Perspectives on Time and Temporalities'

PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo in June 2022. The application deadline is 18 April.

Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022
Migration-Related PhD Courses

​Three migration-related PhD courses will be offered at PRIO in the course of 2022: (1) Migration theory: perspectives on time and temporalities, (2) Survey methods in migration research: design, implementation, and analysis, and (3) Ethnographic fieldwork methodology: approaches, tools, and ethics.

Friday, 11 Feb 2022
UNRWA’s Philippe Lazzarini Debates Palestinian Refugees at PRIO

What is the current status of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)? What are its main challenges? What types of scenarios can we envision for UNRWA's future?

These were some of the questions discussed today when the PRIO Middle East Centre and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a roundtable with UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini.

Friday, 4 Feb 2022
New Book on the Israel - Palestine Conflict

​Jørgen Jensehaugen has just published the book En kort introduksjon til Israel - Palestina-konflikten. [A brief introduction to the Israel - Palestine conflict]. There will be a book launch as soon as PRIO opens up for public events.

Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022
New Case Brief: Excluded Palestinians: Mediator Gatekeeping in the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

​This new case brief by Jørgen Jensehaugen examines the dilemma of  inclusion/exclusion, which is one of many central problems in Arab–Israeli peacemaking, by using three instances of international mediated involvement in the conflict to highlight how mediation gatekeeping has served to exclude Palestinians, either as a people, as a political unit, or as a spoiler group.

Tuesday, 21 Dec 2021
Call for Applications to the PhD level course International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills

​Call for Applications open for the second edition of our PhD level course International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills to be held at PRIO 30 May 2022 - 03 Jun 2022.

Apply by 28 February 2022.

Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021
Workshop on Ethical Issues in Peace Negotiations and Mediation

​On 9-10 September 2021, around 20 researchers met for a hybrid online-offline workshop to share their research on specific cases of ethical issues in peace negotiations and mediation. The workshop was part of the PRIO project 'On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation' (FAIR) and included both PRIO researchers and researchers from across the world. 

Friday, 2 Jul 2021
Successful Master's Thesis Defense by Bjørn Schirmer-Nilsen

Bjørn Schirmer-Nilsen has successfully defended his thesis "Successful Failure: The Intifada and the Shultz Initiative of 1988".

Congratulations Bjørn!

Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021
Successful Master's Thesis Defense by Erlend Lunde Colleuille

Erlend Lunde Colleuille has successfully defended his thesis "An Impossible Balancing Act. France and the Lebanese Civil War, 1975-1982".

Congratulations, Erlend!

Tuesday, 1 Jun 2021
Call for Application to the PhD-level course “Conflict Trends”, 2021

​Is the world becoming more peaceful, or can we expect more conflict in the future? The impression we get from the media certainly is gloomy. But what does the numbers and facts tell us? This course will give an overview of conflict trends based on large conflict datasets on conflict related variables. It will provide a better understanding of the larger global trends in the world such as level and type of conflicts, the geography and demography of conflict, and protests and mobilization. In addition, we will explore the Colombian conflict through survey data. 

Thursday, 20 May 2021
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza

​In a series of brief blog posts, researchers of the PRIO Middle East Centre offer their reflections on the unfolding Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The reflections cover historical and political background as well as current dynamics and future prospects. 

Friday, 18 Dec 2020
NORHED II funding for global network on Peace and Conflict and Human Rights research

Norad has awarded funding through its NORHED II scheme for a six-year project to strengthen higher education institutions' ability to produce high-quality research and teaching. The project was initiated by The Norwegian Center for Human Rights (NCHR) and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) in partnership with five leading institutions in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Thursday, 27 Aug 2020
New Podcast: PRIO's Peace in a Pod

​​How can we explain peace and conflict in the world? What do security and insecurity do to a region and its people? How do different kinds of violence affect people, and how do societies tackle crises – and the threat of crisis? The Peace Research Institute Oslo brings you expert opinions on the headlines, personal stories from the field, and cutting-edge research in this weekly podcast.

Friday, 3 Jul 2020
COVID-19 in the Middle East: Different Regimes, Different Responses

​In May, a new PRIO Middle East Centre project started. The project, entitled 'Reacting to COVID-19 Across the MENA region', aims to explore how Middle East states reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic and what these varied reactions say about the regimes in question, combining statistical analysis of regional patterns with five case studies: Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Israel, and Palestine. The case studies are published in the MidEast Policy Brief series, with an accompanying PRIO Paper presenting the statistical analysis.

Monday, 27 Apr 2020
Introducing the MidEast Policy Brief Series

​The MidEast Policy Brief series was launched in late 2019. The series aims to disseminate timely and relevant research to the wider public on topics relating to the MENA region, and provide research-based policy advice. Three policy briefs have been published in the series. The first assesses the viability of Kurdish and Palestinian quests for self-determination, the second lays out misconceptions about the Yemen War, while the third scrutinizes the foundations of the EU policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Thursday, 5 Mar 2020
PRIO Co-Hosts Seminar During Norwegian State Visit to Jordan

​On the occasion of the Royal visit – by His Majesty King Harald V and Queen Sonja –  to Jordan 2-4 March, PRIO co-hosted the seminar 'Preserving Spaces for Dialogue in the Middle East' in collaboration with the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) at the University of Jordan. The seminar took place over two days and aimed at providing a space for academia and key stakeholders to meet. Attendees and participants from Norway included the King of Norway, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide, and Minister of Trade and Industry Iselin Nybø.

Tuesday, 11 Feb 2020
PRIO to Co-Host Seminar During State Visit to Jordan

King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway will visit Jordan 2-4 March, accepting an invitation from King Abdullah II. As part of the program, PRIO will arrange a seminar, co-hosted with the Centre for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan. Attendees and participants from Norway will include the King of Norway, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide, and Minister of Trade and Industry Iselin Nybø.

Thursday, 21 Jan 2010
Jørgen Jensehaugen Editor of Babylon

PRIO researcher Jørgen Jensehaugen has replaced Hilde Lysengen Havro as editor for the Scandinavian journal Babylon - Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies. The spring issue has an approaching deadline (15 February) and will focus on Iraq. The autumn issue will focus on the Gulf region.

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