Agnete Schjønsby

Communication Director

Agnete Schjønsby
Mobile phone: 905 71 503
Twitter: @agnetesch


​​​​​​​​​Languages spoken: 

English, Norwegian (German)

Working experience:

Agnete Schjønsby has her background in academic publishing, in particular of international journals within most fields.

2002 - : Communication Director, PRIO
2000-2001: Marketing Manager, books and journals, Universitetsforlaget AS (H. Aschehoug & co)
1995-99: Deputy Director, ScUP journals division, Oslo, Stockholm, Oxford and Boston offices
1995-99: Editorial Director, (humanities and social science journals)
1993-1995: Editorial Director (Science, Technology and Medicine journals) Scandinavian University Press Oslo Office
1991-1993: Editor, academic journals, Scandinavian University Press
1989-91: Editor Kommuneforlaget AS: Academic books, competence building for municipality politicians

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