Sirianne Dahlum

Senior Researcher

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Dahlum, Sirianne & Tore Wig (2020) Chaos on Campus: Universities and Mass Political Protest, Comparative Political Studies 54(1): 3–32.
Dahlum, Sirianne; Carl Henrik Knutsen & Tore Wig (2019) Who Revolts? Empirically Revisiting the Social Origins of Democracy, Journal of Politics. DOI: 10.1086/704699.
Dahlum, Sirianne (2019) Students in the streets: Education and nonviolent protest, Comparative Political Studies 52(2): 277–309.
Lührmann, Anna; Valeriya Mechkova; Sirianne Dahlum; Laura Maxwell; Moa Olin & Constanza Sanhueza Petrarcha (2018) State of the world 2017: autocratization and exclusion?, Democratization 25(8): 1321–1340.
Wig, Tore & Sirianne Dahlum (2018) Educating Demonstrators: Education and Mass Protest in Africa, Journal of Conflict Resolution 63(1): 3–30.
Dahlum, Sirianne & Carl Henrik Knutsen (2017) Democracy by Demand? Reinvestigating the Effect of Self-expression Values on Political Regime Type, British Journal of Political Science 47(2): 437–461.
Knutsen, Carl Henrik & Sirianne Dahlum (2017) What Counts as Evidence? Panel Data and the Empirical Evaluation of Revised Modernization Theory, British Journal of Political Science 47(2).
Dahlum, Sirianne & Carl Henrik Knutsen (2017) Do Democracies Provide Better Education? Revisiting the Democracy–Human Capital Link, World Development 94: 186–199.

Popular Article

Wig, Tore; Sirianne Dahlum & Carl Henrik Knutsen (2020) Erna som diktator [Erna as Dictator], VG, 25 March.
Nygård, Håvard Mokleiv; Sirianne Dahlum; Gudrun Østby & Siri Aas Rustad (2019) Slik fanges mange land i en «ulikhetsfelle» [This is how many countries fall into an inequality trap], Dagens Næringsliv, 19 December.
Dahlum, Sirianne; Carl Henrik Knutsen & Tore Wig (2019) We checked 100 years of protests in 150 countries. Here’s what we learned about the working class and democracy., The Washington Post's Monkey Cage, 24 October.

Conference Paper

Hegre, Håvard; Håvard Mokleiv Nygård; Sirianne Dahlum & Joakim Karlsen (2015) Forecasting Regime Type, 2014‐2100, presented at International Studies Association Annual Convention, New Orleans, 18–21 February 2015.

Report - External Series

Nygård, Håvard Mokleiv; Sirianne Dahlum; Gudrun Østby; & Siri Aas Rustad (2019) The Conflict–Inequality Trap: How Internal Armed Conflict Affects Horizontal Inequality, UNDP Human Development Report Background Paper, 2. New York: UNDP.