Ida Rødningen

Administrative Assistant/Research Assistant

Ida Rødningen
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Kloza, Dariusz (Darek); Stine Bergersen; Rocco Bellanova; Ida Rødningen; Filipe Custódio; Apostolos Axenopoulos; & Sofia Trujillo (2016) Monitoring report on emerging ethical challenges and current societal debates (Deliverable D2.2), LASIE Deliverables, 2. Rome: EU FP7 LASIE project.

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Collective Memories after National Traumas

Posted by Ida Rødningen on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

I represented the NECORE project at a one-day seminar held in February, entitled “Collective Memories after National Traumas: 22 July in an International Perspective”. The seminar was highly relevant to the themes explored by NECORE, and among the most important points raised during the seminar was that of a national story. Does a national narrative about the 22 July atrocities exist? And if so, are we telling one single story, or many different ones? Who enjoys the privilege of telling it? Perhaps more importantly, a theme discussed at the seminar was whether or not we need such a narrative. Arguably, ...