Conflict Site Dataset v. 3 1989-2008


The Conflict Site Dataset is an extention to the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflicts Dataset that provides coordinates for the conflict zones and lists of countries in which the conflicts were located. Following the procedure of earlier versions of the UCDP/PRIO data (up until v. 3-2005), the conflict zones are coded with center-point coordinates plus a radius variable to denote spatial extent. See codebook for further information.

When using these data, please cite:
Dittrich Hallberg, Johan 2012. PRIO Conflict Site 1989–2008: A Geo-Referenced Dataset on Armed Conflict. Conflict Management and Peace Science 29 219-232

Version 2.0

The earlier version 2 of this dataset, which covers a longer time-span from 1946-2005, is also available:

When using these data, please cite:

Buhaug, Halvard & Scott Gates 2002. 'The Geography of Civil War', Journal of Peace Research 39(4), pp. 417-433.