Armed Conflicts Version 4-2006

This page refers to an old version of this dataset.  More recent versions are available here.
Main Conflict Table (xls)
ID Conversion Table (xls)
Codebook (pdf)
Conflict List 1946-2005 (pdf)
Version History and Errata (pdf)
Onset of Civil War (zip)
Readme for the onset dataset (pdf)

The Armed Conflict IDs has been simplified in this release. Use the ID conversion table if you need the Old IDs for data management purposes. Combine ID with Year if you want a unique key for each observation in the Main Conflict Table.

For alternative, calendar-time data on onset and duration of intrastate conflict, visit the download page for Håvard Strand's Onset and Duration data. Note: these datasets are based on the previous version 3-2005 (1946–2004) of the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Data.

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