Replication data and CSCW datasets

Datasets and log files for various articles from PRIO's Centre for the Study of Civil War (from 2003) and its predecessor, the Conditions of War and Peace programme.  In addition, you can find replication data for the Journal of Peace Research on the PRIO website.

CSCW Datasets

CSCW has developed a set of datasets for use in the study of the determinants of armed conflict. In addition, CSCW has adapted several other datasets for use in quantitative studies of armed conflict. We have grouped the datasets thematically into four categories:

  • Data on Armed Conflict
    CSCW and the Department of Peace and Conflict Research (PCR) at Uppsala University, Sweden have collaborated in the production of a dataset of armed conflicts, both internal and external, in the period 1946 to the present.

  • Data on Governance
    CSCW has been involved in providing data to study governance issues in civil war, partly by making available Tatu Vanhanen's Polyarchy dataset and by contributing to the Polity project's democracy dataset. We have also compiled MIRPS which is a combination of the two datasets.

  • Geographical and Resource Datasets
    The geography concept covers a large set of inherent, pervasive factors that shape opportunities for action and interaction. Below, we offer a number of datasets on specific aspects of geography that are often considered to influence the risk and nature of interstate and intrastate conflict.

  • Economic and Socio-Demographic Data
    These data provide estimates of trade flows between independent states (1948-2000) and GDP per capita of independent states (1950-2000)

    The PRIO-Grid data set is a spatio-temporal grid structure constructed to aid the compilation, management and analysis of spatial data within a time-consistent framework. It consists of quadratic grid cells that jointly cover all terrestrial areas of the world.