Shared Rivers

Original shared rivers dataset in Microsoft Excel format (xls)
Codebook for the Shared rivers dataset (pdf)
Dataset in Stata format including do-file (167Kb compressed) (zip)
Dataset in dBase format (3.7 Mb uncompressed, 262Kb compressed) (zip)

The shared rivers dataset contains yearly observations of all contiguous pairs of states, 1816–1992, as defined by the Correlates of War contiguity dataset. Several relevant variables are included, such as a count of the number of bordering rivers, type of bordering rivers (upstream/downstream, river boundary, mixed), total length of bordering rivers, and estimates of basin size for each country in the dyad. See codebook for definitions and further details.

The shared river data are published in:

Toset, Hans Petter Wollebæk; Nils Petter Gleditsch & Håvard Hegre, 2000, ‘Shared Rivers and Interstate Conflict’, Political Geography 19(8): 971–996