Polyarchy Dataset Manuscript

Introduction (pdf)
Contents (pdf)
Bibliography (pdf)
Updates 1810–1998 and additions 1998–2000. (pdf)
All country fact sheets, update, and bibliography. (zip)

The Polyarchy Index of Democracy

Tatu Vanhanen constructed the original dataset as a series of fact sheets for every country (1810–1998), and these fact sheets are available for download on this page. To read them, you need Acrobat Reader from Adobe. If the PDF files does not display correctly, you may have to update to the latest version.

The updated data for 1999 and 2000 are listed in a separate document. Please note that this list may also contain additions and corrections for prevous years. To obtain a complete reference for any individual country please refer both to the country spesific file and the update. The country sheets themselves are equivalent to Version 1.2 of the dataset.