Paola Vesco

Paola Vesco

Senior Researcher

Interests and experience

I am a Senior Researcher and Deputy Director of the VIEWS project. I also lead VIEWS-PIN, which extends our conflict early warning system to predict the impacts of conflict on humanitarian needs. My main focus lies in investigating and predicting conflicts and their broader societal impacts. I also study the linkages between conflicts, climate extremes and societal vulnerability to disasters. Within the field of AI, my main focus is on machine learning applications for theory testing.

Paola Vesco is a Senior Researcher at PRIO and an expert in the field of artificial intelligence. She is currently working on two main projects - Violence & Impacts Early-Warning System (VIEWS) and Enabling Politically Sensitive Climate Change Impact Assessments for the 21st Century (POLIMPACT). Within VIEWS, she co-leads the research management team and co-organizes a prediction challenge to forecast fatalities with uncertainty.

Work positions
Senior ResearcherVIEWS, POLIMPACTPeace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
ResearcherDepartment of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala UniversityEnabling climate-resilient development
ResearcherDepartment of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala UniversityPeace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)ViEWS, Societies at Risk
ResearcherCLIMSECPeace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
Visiting PhD candidateCLIMSECPeace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change Economics Department, Ca' Foscari University, Venice (Italy)The Climate-Conflict Nexus: exploring Indirect Pathways and Future Scenarios
M.A. International Studies and Diplomatic Relations University of Trieste, Italy
Other positions and memberships
Post-Doctoral Fellow Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS), Norwegian Academy of Science and LettersStability and Change
Visiting Student Researcher Standford University, USA
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