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Friday, 2 Feb 2024
Rahmat Hashemi Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Today, Rahmat Hashemi successfully defended his dissertation.

Wednesday, 9 Aug 2023
New Survey Shows Strong Support for Nordic Self-Defense

A new survey shows that 70 per cent of respondents believe Norway should put up an armed resistance if it is attacked by another country.

Tuesday, 8 Aug 2023
New podcast series: FAIR: Ethics in Peace Negotiations

A new podcast series on ethics in peace negotiations is now available on Spotify.

Tuesday, 8 Aug 2023
PRIO at Arendalsuka 2023

​Arendalsuka is an annual Norwegian political festival that brings together politicians, journalists, policy makers, aid organisations, civil society and the private sector.

Monday, 24 Jul 2023
New case brief under the FAIR project: The US Talks with the Afghan Taliban: Pulling the Rug from under a Government it Created

This new case brief under the On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation (FAIR) project written by Kristian Berg Harpviken focuses on how the US-Taliban agreement paved the way for the Taliban’s takeover, an outcome that was not given yet seemed highly likely, whether seen from the vantage point of 2018 (when talks started) or 2020 (when they were concluded).

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2023
PRIO Awarded New Funding to Research Russian Approaches to Peace Processes

PRIO was awarded new funding this week by the Research Council of Norway for a 3-year project, Russian Approaches to Peace Processes.

Monday, 27 Mar 2023
In Search of the Radicalized Mainstream: Mobilizing, Normalizing and Normativizing Far-Right Ideologies from the Centre

​Call for Papers for an international symposium & workshop, 9-10 November 2023.

Tuesday, 7 Jun 2022
PhD Course on International Mediation

The PRIO Research School on Peace and Conflict, incollaboration with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, hosted doctoralcandidates at the PhD-level course.

Sunday, 8 May 2022
The History of PRIO and Peace Research: New Open Access Book

​The new open accessbook Livesin Peace Research: The Oslo Stories explains how PRIO, the world'soldest independent peace research institute, was founded and how it survivedthrough crises.

Thursday, 24 Mar 2022
Transactional Engagements: Middle Eastern Responses to the Ukrainian War

​Russia’s war in Ukraine has been met with global condemnation drawing NATO and the EU closer together in coordinating collective responses.

Friday, 11 Feb 2022
UNRWA’s Philippe Lazzarini Debates Palestinian Refugees at PRIO

What is the current status of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)? What are its main challenges? What types of scenarios can we envision for UNRWA's future?These were some of the questions discussed today when the PRIO Middle East Centre and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a roundtable with UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini.

Wednesday, 6 Oct 2021
MidEast Policy Brief: Prospects for Repatriation for Syrian Refugees

​In the MidEast Policy Brief 'Irresolvable Dilemmas? The Prospects for Repatriation for Syrian Refugees', Research Professor Kristian Berg Harpviken and Research Assistant Bjørn Schirmer-Nilsen address the challenges for Syrian refugees in major host countries, the refugees' eroding opportunities for onward migration, and their prospects for repatriation.

Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021
Workshop on Ethical Issues in Peace Negotiations and Mediation

​On 9-10 September 2021, around 20 researchers met for a hybrid online-offline workshop to share their research on specific cases of ethical issues in peace negotiations and mediation.

Thursday, 18 Feb 2021
The Impact of Gulf Rivalries on the Afghan Peace Process

​In a new policy brief on the importance of a neighborly concert for Afghan peace, Kristian Berg Harpviken examines the present state of affairs in each of the main regions surrounding Afghanistan: Central Asia, South Asia and the Gulf.

Thursday, 24 Sep 2020
New Report on Conflict Trends in the Middle East

​In their first-ever report to examine conflict trends in the Middle East, PRIO researchers take a closer look at the hard data on the number of conflicts – between states, within states, as well as one sided violence – and at ceasefires as well as peace agreements.

Thursday, 5 Mar 2020
PRIO Co-Hosts Seminar During Norwegian State Visit to Jordan

​On the occasion of the Royal visit – by His Majesty King Harald V and Queen Sonja –  to Jordan 2-4 March, PRIO co-hosted the seminar 'Preserving Spaces for Dialogue in the Middle East' in collaboration with the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) at the University of Jordan.

Tuesday, 11 Feb 2020
PRIO to Co-Host Seminar During State Visit to Jordan

King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway will visit Jordan 2-4 March, accepting an invitation from King Abdullah II.

Monday, 20 Jan 2020
Call for Applications: PhD course on International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills

​The Research School on Peace and Conflict invites applications for the PhD course "International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills" to take place at PRIO in Oslo on 8-12 June 2020.

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019
Project on the Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation Receives Funding

​What makes peace negotiations fair?This is the over-arching question asked in the project On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation, which has now received three years of NORGLOBAL funding from the Research Council of Norway.

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019
Transnationalization of Anti-Immigration Movements in Europe - Project Now Funded

It is a paradox that anti-immigration movements, whose key concern is opposing mobility across borders and who advocate isolationism, nationalism and cultural traditionalism, often work transnationally.

Thursday, 28 Nov 2019
Inaugural lecture by Cyprus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulides

​Nikos Christodoulides, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic ofCyprus, gave the inaugural lecture for the newly established PRIO Middle EastCentre on Wednesday 27 November.

Wednesday, 30 Oct 2019
Launching the PRIO Middle East Centre!

PRIO is launching a new centre, dedicated to cultivating expertise on the Middle East, conducting research on the dynamics of peace and security in the Middle East, and informing constructive political engagement for the prevention, management and resolution of armed conflicts in the region.

Friday, 5 Jul 2019
Grant for New PRIO Middle East Centre

This fall, PRIO will launch a new Middle East Centre, having received a four-year grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (administered by the Research Council of Norway).

Thursday, 13 Dec 2018
PRIO Hosts Security Force Assistance Workshop

​December 5-7, PRIO hosted a workshop titled ‘Security Force Assistance in Fragile States’.

Thursday, 8 Feb 2018
Afghanistan Week 2018 is Approaching

​Please note the dates: 13 - 17 March, and have a look at the programme as it now stands.

Monday, 3 Jul 2017
Henrik Urdal takes over as PRIO Director

​As of July 1, Henrik Urdal is PRIO's new Director.

Friday, 16 Jun 2017
Call for Members: Research School on Peace and Conflict

​PhD Candidates are invited to apply for membership in the Research School on Peace and Conflict.

Friday, 26 May 2017
Successful Spring Seminar Series on the Psychology of Political Struggle

The seminar series «PSYOPS: The Psychology of Political Struggle» aims to bring academics and professionals from different disciplines and fields of experience together to discuss topics in the borderland between psychology and politics.

Monday, 15 May 2017
Workshop Comparing Norway and Qatar's Approaches to Conflict Mediation

​PRIO in collaboration with the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies at the Doha Institute held a research workshop in Oslo on 11 May 2017 to explore potential complementarities between Norway and Qatar as third-party mediators.

Thursday, 9 Mar 2017
Discussing 'Why Nations Fail', and the Agenda of Peace Research

James Robinson, who heads the newly established Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts at the University of Chicago, visited PRIO today.

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