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Thursday, 8 Dec 2022
Academic workshop: ‘Holding Aid to Account. The Role of Local Humanitarians’

​PRIO to co-host academic workshop in Kampala on the role of local humanitarian actors and their accountability practices. Abstracts deadline: 15 January.

Thursday, 22 Sep 2022
International PhD Students Participate in Ethnographic Fieldwork Methodology Course

​As part of the NORHED II project Partnership for Peace: Better Higher Education for Resilient Societies, PRIO hosted a PhD-level course in Ethnographic Fieldwork Methodology.

The NORHED II project enabled PRIO to host students from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), Makerere University (Uganda) and Birzeit University (Palestine). Together with students from a range of European universities, they explored practical and principled concerns that arise from pre-fieldwork planning to post-fieldwork representation of data. 

Wednesday, 21 Sep 2022
Successful PhD Defence by Ebba Tellander

Ebba Tellander defended her PhD successfully on 20 Septeber 2022 at the Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam. The title of her thesis is: The Wind That Blows Before the Rain: Resistance against oppression in Northern Somalia in the 1980son 20 September 2022.

Congratulations from all at PRIO! 

Thursday, 23 Jun 2022
Residency on Creative Practice and Activism in the Context of Conflict and Oppression

​On 15 August, PRIO, PRAKSIS and artist Motaz Habbash will kick off a month-long residency with ten artists whose creative practices respond to lived experiences of conflict and oppression. 

Friday, 13 May 2022
PhD-Level Course: Ethnographic Fieldwork Methodology

​​PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo in September 2022. The application deadline is 10 June.

Sunday, 8 May 2022
The History of PRIO and Peace Research: New Open Access Book

​The new open access book Lives in Peace Research: The Oslo Stories explains how PRIO, the world's oldest independent peace research institute, was founded and how it survived through crises.

Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022
Migration-Related PhD Courses

​Three migration-related PhD courses will be offered at PRIO in the course of 2022: (1) Migration theory: perspectives on time and temporalities, (2) Survey methods in migration research: design, implementation, and analysis, and (3) Ethnographic fieldwork methodology: approaches, tools, and ethics.

Tuesday, 29 Jun 2021
INSPIRE Seminar Series Autumn 2021

Please be invited and save the dates for the INSPIRE seminar series autumn 2021! The seminars will take place monthly, on Wednesdays from 12:00-13:00 CET, online, with invited researchers and artists.

Thursday, 17 Jun 2021
New Animation Highlights Need for Refugee Education and Durable Futures

​Education in situations of conflict and crisis is central in efforts to protect children and youth in the near-term and fostering peaceful coexistence over the longer-term. But how can education enable individuals and communities to build durable futures when there is great uncertainty about where these futures will be? 

Monday, 15 Feb 2021
Call for artists to participate in workshops to explore inspiration


Artists living in Norway and working on themes related to violent conflict and exile are hereby invited to take part in a unique series of online workshops in March-April 2021 to Explore Inspiration. Deadline for applications is March 1.

Friday, 4 Dec 2020
PRIO's Youth & Peacebuilding Research

Next Tuesday December 8th at 14.00 CET (Oslo time) we will have the PRIO Annual Peace Address, this time with young peacebuilders Hajer Sharief and Ilwad Elman.

On this occasion we wanted to highlight projects and research that focus on youth activism. We're sharing our work on young engagement in political change, because social movements that turn into positive societal transformation are not only initiated by people in power, but very often are initiated or inspired by youth trying to improve their communities. Here are some of the projects showing the importance of youth in peacebuilding.

Friday, 30 Oct 2020
Virtual workshop on education in conflict and exile

​Over four sessions in October, 20 academics and practitioners from around the world met virtually to discuss the question of how education can enable refugee individuals and communities to build durable futures when there is great uncertainty about where these futures will be? Recognizing the protracted nature of refugee situations, the latest UNHCR education strategy prioritizes the integration of refugees into the national education systems of host countries. While this strategy may increase refugee children and youth's access to 'inclusive and equitable quality education' (SDG4), it fails to recognize the limbo in which refugees find themselves in low- and middle-income host countries: they are non-citizens who cannot access the durable futures that education promises them.

Monday, 5 Oct 2020
Creative Methods Workshop for the INSPIRE Project

​On October 5-6th a workshop on creative methods was held for the INSPIRE project. The goal was to discuss creative approaches to study inspiration and social justice. Workshop participants were INSPIRE team researchers; Katarzyna Grabska, Cindy Horst, Marte Nilsen, Trude Stapnes and Sara Christophersen as well as invited artists and academics; Anna Konik (visual artist and advisory board member for the INSPIRE project), George Mahashe (artist, photographer, academic and advisory board member for the INSPIRE project), Solveig Korum (Senior Advisor at Kulturtanken and advisory board member for the INSPIRE project), Cathy Wilcock (musician and academic) and Marisa Cornejo (visual artist).

Tuesday, 15 Sep 2020
Successful First Advisory Board Meeting for the INSPIRE Project

​​On September 15th the INSPIRE advisory board and INSPIRE researchers had their first meeting. Due to corona virus restrictions the meeting was held online.

Thursday, 23 Jan 2020
Successful Kick-off Workshop for the INSPIRE Project

​​From January 22-23, 2020 a kick-off workshop was held for the INSPIRE project. The kick-off marked the formal start of the INSPIRE project. 

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2020
New Research Director for the Social Dynamics Department

Marta Bivand Erdal will take over as Research Director for the Social Dynamics Research Department from 1 January 2020.

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019
Funding Secured for Project on Artists in Times of War

​PRIO's Centre on Culture and Conflict has received funding from the FRIPRO programme of the Research Council of Norway for the 4-year project Inspirational Creative Practice: the Work of Artists in Times of War (INSPIRE). Congratulations to project leaders Katarzyna Grabska and Cindy Horst, as well as Marte Nilsen and Covadonga Morales Bertrand, who will also take part in the project. There will also be a PhD position.

INSPIRE studies the role of artists and creative practice in and after violent conflict, exploring both what inspires and motivates those engaged in creative practice as well as how artistic expressions inspire and move others into action for social justice.

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019
Holding Aid Accountable - Funding for New Project in Place

Little is known about how accountability is understood and practiced by (local and transnational) citizens in comparison to professional humanitarians.

Holding aid accountable: Plural humanitarianism in protracted crisis (AidAccount). This is a 3.5 year project that now has received funding from the NORGLOBAL Programme of the Research Council of Norway.

Congratulations to project leader Cindy Horst, and her team at PRIO: Marta Bivand Erdal, Mohamed Aden Hassan and a Post-Doc position!

Saturday, 2 Nov 2019
Research School Holds Migration Course

​Last week the Research School on Peace & Conflict held a course titled "Migration research and contestations over migration: Conceptual approaches, ethics and communication". There were 18 participants from universities across Europe and North America, researching across the full range of migration processes and experiences, from the perspectives of refugees and other migrants, societies of emigration and immigration, civil society, as well as governments. They also reflected a mix of disciplines and geographical contexts.

Monday, 14 Oct 2019
PRIO CCC Seminar on Visual Conversations in and about War and Migration

​PRIO Centre on Culture and Violent Conflict (CCC) and the Goethe-Institut organized the fourth seminar in the series Art, Peace and Conflict: Conversations with Artists on 24 September. Filmmaker Taghreed Elsanhouri and anthropologist Kasia Grabska engaged in a conversation on ways in which film can be part of co-creation of knowledge in and about war and migration. Cindy Horst, co-director of the CCC, moderated the conversation. 

A sound recording of the seminar can be found on the seminar event page.

Thursday, 25 Apr 2019
NORGLOBAL2 Kickoff Features Presentations of Three New PRIO Projects

The Norwegian Research Council’s program NORGLOBAL2 held its kick-off meeting for newly funded research projects at NORAD, on 25 April 2019, with participants from the MFA, NORAD, RCN, and researchers involved in the projects.

Wednesday, 3 Apr 2019
Call for Abstracts: ‘Political agency and moral action in times of war’

Research in contexts of war often focuses on violence or studies how people cope during and after war and displacement. We know far less about the many small and large acts of resistance to dehumanizing trends of exclusion and abuse in times of war and oppression. What are defining moments when people’s political agency is awakened? Why do individuals engage in acts of empathy, care and protection towards others? When and how do individuals mobilize larger non-violent collective movements and what changes have occurred in such mobilizations as a consequence of technological developments? How do professionals inspire social justice activism during or after war and oppression? And what role do education and art play in these processes? We aim to debate these and other questions in an academic workshop that brings together scholars with a wide background of disciplines, methodological approaches, geographical interests and thematic expertise.​​

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