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Are Hovdenak

Are Hovdenak


Naima Mouhleb

Naima Mouhleb

Researcher & Research Assistant


Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Halvorsen, Kjell H. (1978) Colonial Transformation of Agrarian Society in Algeria, Journal of Peace Research 15(4): 323–343.

Book Chapter

Hveem, Helge (1980) Technology and the Contradiction between Internationalization of Capital and National Development. Some Notes on the Case of Algeria, in Dieter Ernst, ed., The New International Division of Labour, Technology, and Underdevelopment. Consequences for the Third World. Frankfurt/New York: Campus (451–476).

Non-refereed Journal Article

Mouhleb, Naima (2006) Autentisitet og konflikt i det post-koloniale Algerie [Authenticity and Conflict in Post Colonial Algeria], Babylon - tidsskrift om Midtøsten og Nord-Afrika 4(1): 76–83.

Past Events

Blog Posts

Are Norwegian Oil Companies making Civil Wars More Likely?

Posted by Ragnhild Belbo on Tuesday, 20 January 2015

East Africa has become the latest hotspot for oil-and-gas discoveries, but the reserves are located in countries characterized by weak state institutions and social unrest. A number of African countries – several of them with significant Norwegian assistance – are on the threshold of becoming major producers of oil and ... Read more »