PRIO Awarded New Funding to Research Russian Approaches to Peace Processes

PRIO was awarded new funding this week by the Research Council of Norway for a 3-year project, Russian Approaches to Peace Processes.

Israel at 75

​This year Israel celebrates 75 years since it was established.

Ethics of Humanitarian Action: Webinars on Syria, Afghanistan

Both the Ethics of Humanitarian Neutrality in Syria and the Red Lines for Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan webinars were recorded and can be streamed via the seminar webpages.

Scenarios for UNRWA and the way forward. New report out

A CMI report co-authored by PRIO researcher Jørgen Jensehaugen takes stock of the UNRWA, its role and way forward in context of a funding crisis.

UN Resident Coordinator for Syria Visits PRIO

​On 12 May, researchers and practitioners held interesting discussions on Syria at a roundtable at PRIO.

New Case Brief: Ethical Issues and Controversies in the Astana Process: Questioning Representation and Ownership

​This new FAIR case brief by Zenonas Tziarras focuses on how the Astana process became central to the peace efforts regarding the Syria conflict after 2017, but it has been heavily influenced by the interests and positions of its three sponsors or guarantor powers: Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

Syria and Yemen Top Statistic on Number of Children at Risk of Recruitment by Armed Actors

​Save the Children's report Stop the War on Children: A crisis of recruitment shows that, in 2020, almost all children in Syria and Yemen were at risk of recruitment by armed actors.

Moscow Pulled Between Afghanistan and Syria

​In an article for UIK Panorama, Research Professor Pavel Baev writes about the inherent weaknesses in Russia's capacity to pursue an ambitious foreign policy, which are getting exposed in the wake Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan.

MidEast Policy Brief: UN Humanitarian Aid Comes to Syria for Another Year

​In a MidEast Policy Brief, Research Professor Pavel Baev writes about the future of UN humanitarian aid to Syria, following the UN Security Council adoption of Resolution 2585 on 9 July 2021.

MidEast Policy Brief: Prospects for Repatriation for Syrian Refugees

​In the MidEast Policy Brief 'Irresolvable Dilemmas? The Prospects for Repatriation for Syrian Refugees', Research Professor Kristian Berg Harpviken and Research Assistant Bjørn Schirmer-Nilsen address the challenges for Syrian refugees in major host countries, the refugees' eroding opportunities for onward migration, and their prospects for repatriation.

Podcast Episode on Natural Resources and Struggles for Power in the Eastern Mediterranean

​Recent discovery of hydrocarbon has exacerbated existing geopolitical tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Workshop on Ethical Issues in Peace Negotiations and Mediation

​On 9-10 September 2021, around 20 researchers met for a hybrid online-offline workshop to share their research on specific cases of ethical issues in peace negotiations and mediation.

New Online Exhibition from the TRANSFORM Project

In societies at war or facing severe repression, what motivates individuals to take action for social justice when doing so involves great risk and uncertainty? How do such small but often heroic everyday acts of common people inspire larger transformations? And what is the impact of storytelling about everyday acts that challenge inequalities and injustices in places like Myanmar, Somaliland and Syria?The TRANSFORM research team has grappled with these questions for four years, and you will ...

Artistic Encounters in War and Violent Conflict: New Platform for the INSPIRE Project Launched

​​On June 3rd 2021, the INSPIRE research platform was launched with a live performance by Faytinga and a presentation of artwork by Diala Brisly.

Russia Readying for Compromise on the UN Humanitarian Aid to Syria

​The UN Security Council is to decide on cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria by July 10.

PRIO Paper: The Geopolitics of Syria’s Reconstruction

​In the PRIO Paper 'The Geopolitics of Syria's Reconstruction', Research Professor Hilde Henriksen Waage and Research Assistant Magnus Seland Andersson address the geopolitical competition which has effectively deadlocked the civil war in Syria.

A Future for Syria – Education Activism in Animation from PRIO

What drives the small but often heroic everyday acts of people in their attempts to challenge dehumanization and abuse in violent conflict? PRIO is proud to share the second of a series of three animations and comics from Myanmar, Syria and Somaliland, made for the TRANSFORM project in collaboration with PositiveNegatives.

Virtual workshop on education in conflict and exile

​Over four sessions in October, 20 academics and practitioners from around the world met virtually to discuss the question of how education can enable refugee individuals and communities to build durable futures whenthere is great uncertainty about where these futures will be? Recognizing theprotracted nature of refugee situations, the latest UNHCR education strategyprioritizes the integration of refugees into the national education systems ofhost countries.

COVID-19 Will Challenge Russia’s Ambitions in the Middle East

​In two recent articles, Pavel K.

Turkey’s Shifting Agenda in Syria: Understanding the Drivers

​Inthe new PRIO Paper ‘The Shifting Turkish Agenda inSyria’s Evolving Conflict: Understanding the Drivers of Turkey’s Policy in Syria’, Pinar Tank critically examines the Turkishagenda in Syria, identifying Turkey’s domestic drivers and situating thecountry’s policies within an ever-changing regional and international context.

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